Table of contents

  1. Climate Resilience and Public Safety, Health, Agriculture, Food Security, and Emergency Management

    1. Hubert Fudjumdjum, Walter Leal Filho, Desalegn Yayeh Ayal
      Pages 1019-1033
    2. Nsikak-Abasi A. Etim, NseAbasi N. Etim
      Pages 1035-1049
    3. Neil R. Miller, Wilfred Mariki, Alison Nord, Sieglinde Snapp
      Pages 1083-1096
    4. Nyeko Pen-Mogi, Martine Nyeko
      Pages 1097-1114
    5. Kyle Frankel Davis, Olawale Emmanuel Olayide
      Pages 1137-1159
    6. Nigatu Alemayehu, Mary Masafu, Abule Ebro, Azage Tegegne, Getachew Gebru
      Pages 1169-1192
    7. Olawale Emmanuel Olayide, Samuel A. Donkoh, Isaac Gershon Kodwo Ansah, William Adzawla, Patrick J. O’Reilly, Sean Mayes et al.
      Pages 1237-1255
    8. Rosemary N. Ngotho-Esilaba, J. O. Onono, J. N. Ombui, J. F. Lindahl, H. O. Wesonga
      Pages 1257-1268
    9. Olumuyiwa Idowu Ojo, Abdulafeez Olalekan Olaniyan, Adeniyi Suleiman Gbadegesin, Masengo Francois Ilunga
      Pages 1269-1289
    10. Desalegn Yayeh Ayal, Walter Leal Filho, Muluneh Woldetisadik, Solomon Desta, Chunlan Li
      Pages 1291-1313
  2. Climate Resilience Measures Integrated with Policies and Governance at City, Regional, and National Level

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1315-1315
    2. Tino Johansson, Emmah Owidi, Sarah Ndonye, Sarah Achola, Weyessa Garedew, Claudia Capitani
      Pages 1417-1442
    3. Libby Zemaitis, Nava Tabak, Kristin Marcell, Bennett Brooks, Julie Noble
      Pages 1443-1461
    4. Tijana Crnčević, Jelena Živanović Miljković
      Pages 1463-1476
    5. Mohammad Al-Saidi, Sara Abdelhakim Mohammad, Amina Nihad Awartani
      Pages 1477-1499
    6. Anuradha Phadtare, Swapnil Vyas, Marcella D’Souza, Dipak Zade, Yogesh Shinde
      Pages 1501-1529
    7. Kathrin Prenger-Berninghoff, Alice Neht, Andreas Witte
      Pages 1531-1556
    8. Stéphane La Branche, P. Bosbœuf
      Pages 1577-1595
    9. Chris M. Mwungu, Caroline Mwongera, Kelvin M. Shikuku, Mariola Acosta, Peter Läderach
      Pages 1647-1660
    10. Lin Bautze, Gian L. Nicolay, Matthias Meier, Andreas Gattinger, Adrian Muller
      Pages 1727-1741
    11. David Yisrael Epstein HaLevi, Greg William Misiaszek, Hugh Kelly, Sheena Shah, Charles Mugarura, Liam James Walsh
      Pages 1801-1842
    12. Lara Johannsdottir, James R. Wallace
      Pages 1883-1907
    13. Olusegun Michael Ogundele, Rosemary Egodi Ubaekwe
      Pages 1909-1933

About this book


Climate resilience, or the capacity of socio-ecological systems to adapt and upkeep their functions when facing physical-chemical stress, is a key feature of ecosystems and communities. As the risks and impacts of climate change become more intense and more visible, there is a need to foster a broader understanding of both the impacts of these disruptions to food, water, and energy supplies and to increase resilience at the national and local level.

The Handbook of Climate Change Resilience comprises a diverse body of knowledge, united in the objective of building climate resilience in both the industralised and the developing world. This unique publication will assist scientists, decision-makers and community members to take action to make countries, regions and cities more resilient.


Climate Change adaptation Climate change management Sustainable Agriculture Forestry resilience Sustainability water energy food nexus Climate change mitigation Forest management Climate policy Resilience recommendations

Editors and affiliations

  • Walter Leal Filho
    • 1
  1. 1.International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP), Faculty of Life Sciences, Research and Transfer Centre Sustainable Development and Climate Change ManagementHamburg University of Applied SciencesHamburgGermany

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