Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xl
  2. Hiroki Ito, Frank Rene Richter, Heinz Helmut Schramm
    Pages 1-10
  3. Lou van der Sluis, Nenad Uzelac
    Pages 11-62
  4. Hiroki Ito, Denis Dufournet
    Pages 63-81
  5. Hiroki Ito, Denis Dufournet, Anton Janssen
    Pages 83-156
  6. Harley Wilson, Denis Dufournet, Hubert Mercure, Russ Yeckley
    Pages 157-198
  7. Denis Dufournet, Daisuke Yoshida, Sebastian Poirier, Harley Wilson
    Pages 199-237
  8. René Smeets
    Pages 239-270
  9. Daisuke Yoshida, Marta Lacorte
    Pages 271-294
  10. Robert Le Roux, Tadao Minagawa
    Pages 325-342
  11. René Smeets
    Pages 343-378
  12. Jay Prigmore, Nenad Uzelac
    Pages 399-432
  13. Hiroki Ito, André Mercier, Mark Waldron
    Pages 433-482
  14. Robert Le Roux, Kevin Kleinhans
    Pages 483-502
  15. Hiroki Ito
    Pages 503-538
  16. Anton Janssen, Magne Runde, Dirk Makareinis, Carsten Protze, Ankur Maheshwari, Antonio C. Carvalho et al.
    Pages 539-570
  17. Lou van der Sluis, Hiroki Ito
    Pages 571-584

About this book


This CIGRE Green Book provides the entire know-how about switches in a high voltage system. The switching equipment includes circuit breakers, vacuum interrupters, disconnecting switches, and earthing switches used in AC & DC transmission and distribution systems. The Green book describes different switching equipments and their roles in the power systems. It explains the fundamental switching behaviors in power systems targeted for practitioners and students and joining electrical industries. The Green book also covers fundamental specific subjects including DC circuit breakers, controlled switching, fault current limiting devices and future technologies.

Like all Green books, this book covers the cumulative understanding of numerous experts in the CIGRE study committee. It offers the approved and outstanding practical knowledge of CIGRE Study committee A3 and was collected by Dr. Hiroki Ito.


Circuit Breaker Vacuum Interrupter Disconnecting Switch Earthing Switch Switching Phenomena Controlled Switching Fault Current Limiters HVDC switching equipment

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  • Hiroki Ito
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  1. 1.Energy and Industrial Systems GroupMitsubishi Electric CorporationTokyoJapan

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