Table of contents

  1. Jérôme Joubès, Frédéric Domergue
  2. Gary J. Blomquist, Claus Tittiger, Russell Jurenka
  3. Klaus Wallmann, Judith M. Schicks
  4. Curtis Evans, Karen Budwill, Michael Whiticar
  5. Clifford C. Walters, Kenneth E. Peters, J. Michael Moldowan
  6. Bernd R. T. Simoneit
  7. Tomáš Řezanka, Irena Kolouchová, Lucia Gharwalová, Andrea Palyzová, Karel Sigler
  8. Brian Horsfield, Hans-Martin Schulz, Sylvain Bernard, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, Yuanjia Han, Sascha Kuske
  9. Clifford C. Walters, Meytal B. Higgins
  10. Kai Mangelsdorf, Cornelia Karger, Klaus-G. Zink
  11. Viktoria Valeska Zeisler-Diehl, Wilhelm Barthlott, Lukas Schreiber
  12. Alexei V. Milkov
  13. Michael J. Whiticar
  14. Ilya Kutuzov, Yoav O. Rosenberg, Andrew Bishop, Alon Amrani

About this book


This book describes the structural features and properties of important types of hydrocarbons and lipids and gives an overview of their analytical characterization in biological and environmental matrices. It covers the occurrence, biosynthesis and biological functions of these compound types in diverse organisms including bacteria and archaea, algae, higher plants and arthropods. It examines their distribution in the geosphere and fundamental processes controlling the fate of fossil organic matter. Finally, it addresses important aspects of their environmental chemistry and transfer processes between different compartments of bio- and geosphere.
Hydrocarbons and lipids comprise extremely diverse organic compounds that play fundamental roles in biosphere and geosphere. They represent important functional components in all living organisms and constitute a major fraction of fossil organic matter in sedimentary systems.
All chapters are written by renowned experts in the respective fields.


hydrocarbons lipids natural products fossil organic matter environmental fate biosynthesis of hydrocarbons generation of petroleum

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  • Heinz Wilkes
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