Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxvi
  2. Konstantin O. Papailiou
    Pages 1-17
  3. Bernard Dalle
    Pages 19-25
  4. Rob Stephen
    Pages 27-45
  5. Joao Felix Nolasco, José Antonio Jardini, Elilson Ribeiro
    Pages 47-190
  6. Elias Ghannoum
    Pages 191-276
  7. Cathal Ó Luain, Lionel Figueroa, Paul Penserini
    Pages 277-340
  8. Svein Fikke
    Pages 341-374
  9. Dale Douglass, Mark Lancaster, Koichi Yonezawa
    Pages 375-416
  10. Pierre Van Dyke, Umberto Cosmai, Christian Freismuth
    Pages 417-558
  11. Umberto Cosmai, Pierre Van Dyke, Laura Mazzola, Jean-Louis Lillien
    Pages 559-711
  12. Frank Schmuck, Konstantin O. Papailiou
    Pages 713-824
  13. João B. G. F. Silva, Andreas Fuchs, Georgel Gheorghita, Ruy C. R. Menezes, Jan P. M. van Tilburg
    Pages 825-932
  14. Neil R. Cuer
    Pages 933-1045
  15. Rob Stephen
    Pages 1047-1102
  16. Zibby Kieloch, João B. G. F. Silva, Mauro Gomes Baleeiro, Mark Lancaster, Marcin Tuzim, Piotr Wojciechowski
    Pages 1103-1149
  17. André Leblond, Keith E. Lindsey
    Pages 1151-1208
  18. Jarlath Doyle
    Pages 1209-1225
  19. Gary Brennan, Zibby Kieloch, Jan Lundquist
    Pages 1227-1297
  20. Herbert Lugschitz
    Pages 1299-1318

About this book


This handbook offers all aspects of Overhead Transmission Lines as the backbone of networks of electrical power. The content of the book includes, after a historical flash-back: Planning and management concepts, electrical and mechanical considerations, influences of the weather, and on the environment, detailed design of all line components, construction and maintenance aspects, line optimization, and asset management, as well as a comparison between overhead lines and underground cables.

The book was written by more than 50 experts and assembled through the Cigré study committee on Overhead Lines. This guarantees valuable exchange and dissemination of unbiased information for technical but also non-technical audiences.  


Management concepts Overhead AC Transmission Lines DC Transission Lines mechanical load factors weather conditions Aeolian vibrations Conductor Motions Composite Insulators Landscape Tower Foundation HVDC Lines Live work maintenance Underground cables

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