Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxii
  2. Sergio Rossi, Lorenzo Bramanti, Andrea Gori, Covadonga Orejas
    Pages 1-28
  3. Taxonomy, Biodiversity, Biogeography, and Evolution of Animal Forests

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 29-29
    2. Héctor Reyes-Bonilla, Eric Jordán-Dahlgren
      Pages 31-72
    3. Marcelo de Oliveira Soares, Tito Monteiro da Cruz Lotufo, Leandro Manzoni Vieira, Sula Salani, Eduardo Hajdu, Helena Matthews-Cascon et al.
      Pages 73-110
    4. Manuel Maldonado, Ricardo Aguilar, Raymond J. Bannister, James J. Bell, Kim W. Conway, Paul K. Dayton et al.
      Pages 145-183
    5. Sam Kahng, Joshua M. Copus, Daniel Wagner
      Pages 185-206
    6. Andrea Gori, Giorgio Bavestrello, Jordi Grinyó, Carlos Dominguez-Carrió, Stefano Ambroso, Marzia Bo
      Pages 207-233
    7. Lea-Anne Henry, J. Murray Roberts
      Pages 235-256
    8. Günter Försterra, Verena Häussermann, Jürgen Laudien
      Pages 277-313
    9. Julian Gutt, Vonda Cummings, Paul K. Dayton, Enrique Isla, Anke Jentsch, Stefano Schiaparelli
      Pages 315-344
    10. Marco Milazzo, Maoz Fine, Emanuela Claudia La Marca, Cinzia Alessi, Renato Chemello
      Pages 345-367
    11. Charles F. Boudouresque, Aurélie Blanfuné, Mireille Harmelin-Vivien, Sébastien Personnic, Sandrine Ruitton, Thierry Thibaut et al.
      Pages 369-396
    12. Cristina Gioia Di Camillo, Giorgio Bavestrello, Carlo Cerrano, Cinzia Gravili, Stefano Piraino, Stefania Puce et al.
      Pages 397-427
    13. Emma Rangel-Huerta, Griselda Avila-Soria, Ernesto Maldonado
      Pages 429-444
    14. Inmaculada Frutos, Angelika Brandt, Jean Claude Sorbe
      Pages 475-503
  4. Structure and Function of the Animal Forests

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 505-505

About this book


During the last decades there has been an increasing evidence of drastic changes in marine ecosystems due to human-induced impacts, especially on benthic ecosystems. The so called “animal forests” are currently showing a dramatic loss of biomass and biodiversity all over the world. These communities are dominated by sessile suspension feeder organisms (such as sponges, corals, gorgonians, bivalves, etc.) that generate three-dimensional structures, similar to the trees in the terrestrial forest. The animal forest provide several ecosystem services such as food, protection and nursery to the associated fauna, playing an important role in the local hydrodynamic and biogeochemical cycles near the sea floor and acting also as carbon sinks. The present book focus its attention on these three dimensional animal structures including, for the first time, all the different types of animal forests of the world in a single volume.


Benthic suspension feeders Biogenic structures Ecosystem engineers Marine conservation Trophic ecology

Editors and affiliations

  • Sergio Rossi
    • 1
  • Lorenzo Bramanti
    • 2
  • Andrea Gori
    • 3
  • Covadonga Orejas
    • 4
  1. 1.Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia AmbientalsUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaBellaterraSpain
  2. 2.Sorbonne Universités, UPMC Univ Paris 06, CNRSLaboratoire d’Ecogéochimie des Environnements Benthiques (LECOB) Observatoire OcéanologiqueBanyuls/MerFrance
  3. 3.Departament d’EcologiaUniversitat de BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain
  4. 4.Instituto Español de OceanografíaCentro Oceanográfico de BalearesPalma, MallorcaSpain

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