Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Stephen C. Jones
      Pages 3-29
    3. Rayna J. Doll, Nancy I. Joseph, David McGarry, Devi Jhaveri, Theodore Sher, Robert Hostoffer
      Pages 31-51
    4. Christopher Chang, Patrick S. C. Leung, Saurabh Todi, Lori Zadoorian
      Pages 53-110
  3. Allergic Upper Airway Disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 111-111
    2. Satoshi Yoshida
      Pages 113-142
    3. Niharika Rath, Salman Aljubran
      Pages 143-172
    4. Leslie C. Grammer
      Pages 173-185
  4. Allergic Skin Diseases and Urticaria

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 187-187
    2. Neeti Bhardwaj
      Pages 189-210
    3. William J. Lavery, Jonathan A. Bernstein
      Pages 211-225
    4. Saumya Maru, Timothy Craig
      Pages 227-244
    5. John Havens Cary, Howard I. Maibach
      Pages 245-272
  5. Asthma

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 273-273
    2. Farnaz Tabatabaian
      Pages 275-288
    3. Robert Ledford
      Pages 289-304
    4. Sy Duong-Quy, Krista Todoric
      Pages 305-351
    5. Justin Greiwe, Jonathan A. Bernstein
      Pages 367-381
    6. John Johnson, Tina Abraham, Monica Sandhu, Devi Jhaveri, Robert Hostoffer, Theodore Sher
      Pages 383-400
    7. John D. Brannan, John M. Weiler
      Pages 401-437
    8. Devi Kanti Banerjee
      Pages 439-468
    9. Helen Wang, Zachary Marshall, Nicholas Rider, David B. Corry
      Pages 469-478
    10. Kaley McCrary
      Pages 479-488
  6. Drug and Latex Allergy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 489-489
    2. Faoud T. Ishmael, Ronaldo Paolo Panganiban, Simin Zhang
      Pages 491-504
    3. Thanai Pongdee, James T. Li
      Pages 505-518
    4. Schuman Tam
      Pages 519-538
    5. Massoud Mahmoudi
      Pages 539-550
  7. Food Allergy and Eosinophilic Esophagitis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 551-551
    2. Sebastian Sylvestre, Doerthe Adriana Andreae
      Pages 553-591
    3. Brian Patrick Peppers, Robert Hostoffer, Theodore Sher
      Pages 593-600
    4. Gisoo Ghaffari
      Pages 601-612
  8. Insect Allergy and Anaphylaxis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 613-613
    2. Jocelyn Celestin
      Pages 615-643
    3. Sharzad Alagheband, Catherine Cranford, Patricia Stewart
      Pages 645-677
    4. James M. Tracy, Jeffrey G. Demain
      Pages 679-691
    5. Karla E. Adams, John F. Freiler, Dennis Ledford, Theodore M. Freeman
      Pages 693-716
  9. Allergy and Asthma Diagnosis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 717-717
    2. Vivian Wang, Fonda Jiang, Anita Kallepalli, Joseph Yusin
      Pages 719-740
    3. Brian Patrick Peppers, Robert Hostoffer, Theodore Sher
      Pages 741-753
    4. Mark F. Sands, Elizabeth M. Daniel, Faoud T. Ishmael
      Pages 755-781
  10. Treatment of Asthma and Allergy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 783-783
    2. Wilfredo Cosme-Blanco, Yanira Arce-Ayala, Iona Malinow, Sylvette Nazario
      Pages 785-819
    3. Shan Shan Wu, Adi Cosic, Kathleen Gibbons, Brian Patrick Peppers, William Pender, Robert Hostoffer
      Pages 821-839
    4. Joseph D. Spahn, Ryan Israelsen
      Pages 841-871
    5. Jennifer Padden Elliott, Nicole Sossong, Deborah Gentile, Kacie M. Kidd, David P. Skoner, Christina E. Conte et al.
      Pages 873-907
    6. Elizabeth Mason, Efren Rael
      Pages 943-960

About this book


Allergy and Asthma: The Basics to Best Practices is intended to serve as a single comprehensive reference covering all needed knowledge of allergic diseases. Allergy is a unique and distinctive area of medicine wherein learning the fundamentals requires gathering information from various different disciplines. Allergic diseases affect various organ systems and the practice of a wide range of physicians from otolaryngologists, and pulmonologists, to gastroenterologists, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists.  Clinicians and trainees alike will benefit from a resource that introduces the basic concepts, as well as providing comprehensive, consistently up-to-date instruction on intermediate and advanced conditions, research, and treatment strategies.  

 The book is divided into nine sections and is written by some of the foremost experts in the field. Allergy and Asthma opens with an introduction which covers the epidemiology of allergic diseases, fundamentals of allergy and immunology, and a thorough grounding of different types of allergens. Early sections address allergic upper airway diseases, allergic skin diseases, and asthma in detail, using a structured, consistent format from chapter to chapter to provide continuity and ease of reference. Later sections thoroughly cover various food allergies, insect allergies, drug allergy, anaphylaxis, and utilize ample tables and illustrations to provide additional learning tools for the reader. This major reference not only provides basic knowledge on diagnosing and treating allergies, but moves beyond these basics to emphasize using a systematic approach to working up and treating a patient. A variety of techniques used in diagnosing asthma and allergy will be examined, of which include prick skin tests, in-vitro testing, patch testing and non-conventional allergy tests. Concluding this book are sections dedicated to management, therapeutic strategies of allergy and asthma, with a look to future research directions for this unique field.

Physicians and residents in allergy and immunology, pulmonology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology, dermatology, ophthalmology and other specialties will find the work of value in enhancing their practice and studies. Researchers in a range of areas especially immunology and food science will also find this text to be a compelling and reliable resource.


allergic diseases allergy allergy diagnosis allergy treatment immunology

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