Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. The Basics: Embryology, Pathological Basis of Vascular Diseases, and Imaging Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Maksim Shapiro, Eytan Raz
      Pages 3-31
    3. Michele Porcu, Eytan Raz, Luca Saba
      Pages 33-38
    4. Pierleone Lucatelli, Beatrice Sacconi, Carlo Catalano
      Pages 39-46
    5. Jonathan D. Kirsch
      Pages 47-66
    6. Eytan Raz
      Pages 67-84
  3. Carotid and Vertebral Artery: Anatomy, Diseases, and Treatment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 85-85
    2. Nasim Sheikh-Bahaei, Tomasz Matys, Jonathan H. Gillard
      Pages 87-94
    3. Jie Sun, Niranjan Balu, Chun Yuan
      Pages 95-114
    4. Olivier Naggara, Myriam Edjlali-Goujon, Eric Bodiguel, Marie Pierre Gobin-Metteil, Denis Trystram, Christine Rodriguez-Regent et al.
      Pages 115-138
    5. Santosh Kumar Kannath, T. R. Kapilamoorthy
      Pages 139-162
    6. David Chiao, Max Wintermark
      Pages 163-190
    7. Roberto Montisci, Luca Saba
      Pages 191-201
  4. The Basics of Intracranial Arterial Circulation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 203-203
    2. Xinyi Leng, David S. Liebeskind
      Pages 205-232
    3. Stephen Quinet, Patrick Turski
      Pages 233-292
    4. Maxim Mokin, Adnan H. Siddiqui
      Pages 293-302
    5. Alan Jackson, Ibrahim Djoukhadar, David J. Coope
      Pages 303-325
  5. Stroke Imaging

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 327-327
    2. Behroze Adi Vachha, Pamela Whitney Schaefer
      Pages 363-381
    3. Julius Griauzde, Elliot Dickerson, Joseph J. Gemmete
      Pages 383-412
    4. Keith G. DeSousa, Albert S. Favate
      Pages 413-423
    5. Paolo Machi, Paolo Garofalo
      Pages 425-438
    6. Akifumi Fujita, Chie Asai, Yu-Ming Chang, Nadja Kadom, Martin H. Steinberg, Naoko Saito et al.
      Pages 439-467
    7. Mauricio Castillo, Francisco Chiang
      Pages 469-494
  6. Aneurysms

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 495-495
    2. Frédéric Clarençon, Nader-Antoine Sourour, Vincent Degos, Aurélien Nouet, Federico Di Maria, Eimad Shotar et al.
      Pages 497-520
    3. James V. Byrne, Svein Harald Mørkve
      Pages 521-534
    4. Saul F. Morales-Valero, Shanna Fang, Giuseppe Lanzino
      Pages 535-549
    5. Luca Quilici, Edoardo Boccardi
      Pages 551-581
    6. Michael Mayich, Brian P. Walcott, Christopher J. Stapleton, Daniel Thomas Ginat
      Pages 583-601
  7. Other CNS Vascular Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 603-603
    2. Daniel Sahlein, Nathan Manning
      Pages 605-639
    3. Pierre Guedin
      Pages 641-656
    4. Timothy R. Miller, Ravishankar Shivashankar, Gaurav Jindal, Dheeraj Gandhi
      Pages 657-682
    5. Adam J. Davis
      Pages 683-717
    6. Matylda H. Machnowska, Richard I. Aviv
      Pages 751-780
    7. Divyata R. Hingwala, Kesavadas Chandrasekharan
      Pages 781-789
    8. Mark Kruit
      Pages 791-815
    9. Akira Yamamoto, Tomohisa Okada, Jun C. Takahashi
      Pages 817-863
    10. M. Sawicki, Joanna Wojczal, Bozena Birkenfeld, Lech Cyrylowski
      Pages 865-895
  8. Veins Imaging

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 897-897
    2. Nicholas A. Koontz, Richard H. Wiggins III, Lubdha M. Shah
      Pages 899-933
  9. Pediatrics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 981-981
    2. Sachin K. Pandey, Darren B. Orbach
      Pages 983-1007

About this book


Vascular Neurology, Vascular Neurosurgery and Interventional Neuroradiology are independent fields with dedicated Training Programs. Neuroimaging, and in particular what we call "Neurovascular Imaging" is a unifying factor which can be considered the intersection of these three medical specialties. With this book we aim to cover thoroughly the imaging techniques, potentialities, and present and future applications as applied to all the vascular diseases of the central nervous system from the imaging point of view. This book will comprise eight main sections: (1) The Basics, (2) Arteries of the Head and Neck (3) The basics of Intracranial Arteries (4) Diseases of the vessels (5) Stroke Imaging (6) Veins Imaging (7) Spine Imaging (8) Pediatrics.


Brain Imaging Neuroscience Neurovascular Imaging Stroke

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  • Luca Saba
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  • Eytan Raz
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  1. 1.Department of RadiologyAOU of CagliariMonserratoItaly
  2. 2.Neurointerventional Radiology Section, Department of RadiologyNYU Langone Medical CenterNew YorkUSA

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