Handbook of Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology

Brain Energetics. Integration of Molecular and Cellular Processes

  • Abel Lajtha
  • Gary E. Gibson
  • Gerald A. Dienel
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Glucose Metabolism in Brain

  3. Alternative Substrates

  4. Metabolic Specialization of Brain Cell Types and Compartmentation of Function

    1. B. Hassel
      Pages 183-195
    2. C. Zwingmann, D. Leibfritz
      Pages 197-238
  5. Molecular and Cellular Architecture Link Energy Demand with Metabolite Fluxes

  6. Regulation of Metabolic Fluxes and Metabolic Shuttling by Neural Environment

    1. J. W. Deitmer
      Pages 469-486
    2. J. S. Kim-Han, S. S. Ali, L. L. Dugan
      Pages 549-568
    3. U. Sonnewald, T. Syversen, A. Schousboe, H. Waagepetersen, M. Aschner
      Pages 569-585
  7. Interaction of Mitochondria with Cytosol and Other Organelles

  8. Genes of Metabolism: Generating,Sustaining, and Modifying the Machinery of Energy Metabolism.Regulation of Gene Expression for Metabolic Enzymes

    1. M. H. Maurer, W. Kuschinsky
      Pages 737-769
    2. J. C. LaManna, P. Pichiule, J. C. Chavez
      Pages 771-778
  9. Metabolic Control Analysis: Modeling Local Pathway Fluxes, Control Points, System Interations, Network Interactions

    1. V. A. Saks, M. Vendelin, M. K. Aliev, T. Kekelidze, J. Engelbrecht
      Pages 815-860
    2. J-P. Mazat, M. Beurton-Aimar, B. Faustin, T. Letellier, M. Malgat, C. Nazaret et al.
      Pages 877-887
    3. B. S. Kristal, R. Kaddurah-Daouk, M. F. Beal, W. R. Matson
      Pages 889-912
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 913-924

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