Transgenic Plants: Methods and Protocols

Volume 286 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology™ pp 203-213

Histochemical and Fluorometric Assays for uidA (GUS) Gene Detection

  • Magdalena CerveraAffiliated withDepartment of Plant Protection and Biotechnology, Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias

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Transgenic plant production has been intimately connected to the β-glucuronidase (uidA or GUS) gene used as a reporter marker gene. The enzyme stability and the high sensitivity and amenability of the GUS assay to qualitative (histochemical assay) and to quantitative (fluorometric or spectrophotometric assay) detection are some of the reasons that explain the extensive use of uidA gene in plant genetic transformation. Methods for uidA gene detection have been thoroughly described in the literature. The aim of this chapter is to describe the basic protocols needed for GUS detection in a plant genetic transformation laboratory.

Key Words

Fluorometric GUS detection β-glucuronidase GUS histochemical GUS detection reporter marker genes uidA gene