Basic Techniques for Cell Culturing

  • Diane E. Harold
  • Wolfgang Walz
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Until recently, the cell culture technique was employed as the sole biological system within a laboratory, and major efforts were concentrated on the setting up and running of such a cell culture laboratory. However, recent developments in several areas, use on monoclonal antibodies and cell physiological techniques, for example, gave rise to a need for establishing a small cell culture laboratory. Being only one of several major methods or biological preparations used within the research group, there is a need for cost to be kept to a minimum. This chapter addresses all the major issues that should be considered by someone lacking previous cell culture experience, but wanting to use one of the many techniques introduced in the following ten chapters. All the basic problems, such as, design of the laboratory, sterilization of equipment, and basic techniques in handling cultured cells are introduced and referenced. It is our hope that the reader venturing into the area of cell culture for the first time will find this chapter a useful guide and a source of encouragement. At the end of this chapter is an appendix of equipment and supplies, along with the names and addresses of the companies from which they may be obtained.


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