Data Analysis for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy

  • Steve Wolter
  • Thorge Holm
  • Sebastian van de Linde
  • Markus Sauer
Part of the Neuromethods book series (NM, volume 86)


We review single-molecule localization microscopy techniques with a focus on computational techniques and algorithms necessary for their use. The most common approach to single-molecule localization, Gaussian fitting at positions pre-estimated from local maxima, is illustrated in depth and techniques for two- and three-dimensional data analysis are highlighted. After an introduction explaining the principle requirements of single-molecule localization microscopy, we discuss and contrast novel approaches such as maximum likelihood estimation and model-less fitting. Finally, we give an overview over the existing, scientifically available software and show how these techniques can be combined to quickly and easily obtain super-resolution images.

Key words

Super-resolution imaging Localization microscopy dSTORM PALM Data analysis rapidSTORM 



We would like to thank the Biophotonics Initiative of the BMBF for financial support (Grants #13N11019 and #13N12507).


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    • 1
  • Thorge Holm
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  • Sebastian van de Linde
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  • Markus Sauer
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