Peptide Modifications to Increase Metabolic Stability and Activity

Volume 1081 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 47-60


Peptoids and Peptide–Peptoid Hybrid Biopolymers as Peptidomimetics

  • Maciej J. StawikowskiAffiliated withTorrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies

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Peptoids (oligomers of N-substituted glycine residues) and peptide–peptoid hybrid polymers (peptomers) are interesting classes of compounds mimicking structure and function of biologically active peptides. The oligomeric peptidomimetics such as peptoids are particularly important compounds since they provide access to an enormous molecular diversity, by variation of the building blocks. The modular structure of peptoids, ease of synthesis, and high compatibility with existing peptide chemistry synthetic protocols, make peptoids and peptoid-containing peptidomimetics ideal tools for structure–activity and drug discovery related studies.

Key words

Peptoids Solid-phase peptide synthesis Peptide–peptoid hybrid polymers Foldamers Peptomers