DNA Nanotechnology

Volume 749 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 49-59


DNA-Templated Pd Conductive Metallic Nanowires

  • Khoa Nguyen
  • , Stephane Campidelli
  • , Arianna FiloramoAffiliated withLaboratoire d’Electronique Moléculaire, CEA Saclay Email author 

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We here present a protocol for the metallization of DNA scaffolds by palladium. The method is based on the initial slow precipitation of palladium oxide onto DNA strands. A reduction step follows to create conductive metallic nanowires. The slow oxide precipitation approach enables the formation of thin and continuous coatings on the DNA strands with negligible parasitic metallization of the remaining substrate surface.

Key words

DNA metallization Metal nanowires Templated self-assembly Nanoelectronics Molecular combing