DNA Nanotechnology

Volume 749 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 187-197


Templated Assembly of DNA Origami Gold Nanoparticle Arrays on Lithographically Patterned Surfaces

  • Albert M. Hung
  • , Jennifer N. ChaAffiliated withDepartment of Nanoengineering, UC San Diego Email author 

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Artificial DNA nanostructures such as DNA origami have garnered significant interest as templates for sub-20 nm lithography because their rational design allows for the incorporation of binding sites to assemble nanocomponents with 6 nm resolution. In addition, their overall size of 100 nm is easily accessible by top-down lithographic methods. Combining the strengths of top-down lithography and bottom-up self-assembly using DNA nanostructures may provide a commercially viable route to fabricating electronic and photonic devices with nanometer-scale features. We have demonstrated just such a comprehensive process in which 5 nm gold nanoparticles are first assembled in high yield on DNA origami. The constructs are then organized, rinsed, and dried on patterned silicon substrates, yielding large area arrays of both origami and nanoparticles.

Key words

DNA origami Gold nanoparticles Template-directed self-assembly Lithography