China’s Food Safety Regulation and Mass Spectrometry

  • Xiaogang Chu
  • Feng Zhang
  • Xuemei Nie
  • Wenzhi Wang
  • Feng Feng
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Food safety is essential to people’s health and people’s livelihood. To ensure that food safety is an important current strategy of the governments, both regulation and standardization are important support for implementing this strategic initiative effectively. The status and prospects of China’s food laws, regulations, and standards system are introduced. China now has established a complete law regime providing a sound foundation and good environment for keeping the health of people, maintaining the order of social economy and promoting the international trade of food. At the same time, it is undoubtedly important to strengthen standardization and improve the food safety standards system. In the administration of food safety, mass spectrometry is becoming more and more important and many analytical methods developed in China are based on its application.

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  • Feng Zhang
  • Xuemei Nie
  • Wenzhi Wang
  • Feng Feng
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