Label-Free Detection with the Liquid Core Optical Ring Resonator Sensing Platform

Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology™ book series (MIMB, volume 503)


Optical label-free detection prevents the cost and complexity of fluorescence and radio labeling while providing accurate quantitative and kinetic results. We have developed a new optical label-free sensor called the liquid core optical ring resonator (LCORR). The LCORR integrates optical ring resonator sensors into the microfluidic delivery system by using glass capillaries with a thin wall. The LCORR is capable of performing refractive index detection on liquid samples, as well as bio/chemical analyte detection down to detection limits on the scale of pg/mm2 on a sensing surface.


Optical ring resonator LCORR Whispering gallery modes Refractive index detection Protease detection DNA sequence detection 


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