Electrophysiological Properties of Embryonic Stem Cells During Differentiation Into Cardiomyocyte-Like Cell Types

  • Antoni C. G. van Ginneken
  • Arnoud C. Fijnvandraat
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology™ book series (MIMB, volume 403)


The method described here to differentiate mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells into cardiomyocytes is adapted from Maltsev et al. and results in a high percentage of spontaneously beating cardiomyocyte-like cells. In order to determine to what extent the differentiating ES cells resemble true cardiomyocytes, the cells were electrophysiologically characterized during differentiation, using the whole-cell variant of the patch-clamp technique. Action potentials (APs) and membrane currents were recorded and analyzed off-line to determine electrophysiological changes during development.

Key Words

Stem cells differentiation HM-1 cardiomyocyte electrophysiology current clamp voltage clamp 



We would like to thank C. Verhoek-Pockock and Dr. M.A. van Roon for their helpful suggestions.


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  • Antoni C. G. van Ginneken
  • Arnoud C. Fijnvandraat

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