Extraction and Characterization of Lipids from Macroalgae

  • David R. NoblesJr.Email author
  • Schonna R. Manning
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1995)


Although most algal biofuel research has focused on microalgae, macroalgae are also potential sources of lipid for the production of biodiesel and other liquid fuels. Reliable, accurate methods for assessing the lipid composition of biomass are essential for the development of macroalgae in this area. The conventional methods most commonly used to evaluate lipid composition, such as those of Bligh and Dyer and Folch, do not provide complete extraction of lipids in photosynthetic cells/tissues and therefore do not provide an accurate accounting of lipid production. Here we present a 2-EE lipid extraction protocol, a method which has been demonstrated to be superior to conventional lipid extraction methods for microalgae, adapted for use with macroalgae.

Key words

Algae Macroalgae Lipid extraction 2-Ethoxyethanol Lipid profiling by thin-layer chromatography Lipid analysis 



This work was supported by NSF grant DBI-1560772 and DOE grant DE-1162-1511.


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  1. 1.UTEX Culture Collection of Algae, Department of Molecular BiosciencesThe University of Texas at AustinAustinUSA

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