Epitope Binning of Human Monoclonal Antibodies in Classical Sandwich and In-Tandem Orientation Using the Octet System Based on Biolayer Interferometry

  • Lisette Bronswijk-DeddensEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1785)


Epitope binning is a technique used to cluster different monoclonal antibodies by the specific region on the antigen that is recognized by the antibody. This is used to increase the likelihood of choosing lead antibodies with the desired biological activity by selecting antibodies from distinct bins, to confirm that biosimilars or biobetters bind to similar epitopes and to select reagents for diagnostic sandwich and/or ELISA-type assays. This protocol describes epitope binning of seven human monoclonal antibodies to a monovalent antigen in two orthogonal orientations; a classical sandwich and an in-tandem orientation using an eight-channel Octet system.

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BLI Octet Epitope binning Monoclonal antibody Classical sandwich In-tandem 


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