Separation and Visualization of Glycans by Fluorophore-Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis

  • Mélissa Robb
  • Joanne K. Hobbs
  • Alisdair B. Boraston
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1588)


Fluorophore-assisted carbohydrate electrophoresis (FACE) is a method in which a fluorophore is covalently attached to the reducing end of carbohydrates, thereby allowing visualization following high-resolution separation by electrophoresis. This method can be used for carbohydrate profiling and sequencing, as well as for the determination of the specificity of carbohydrate-active enzymes. Here, we describe and demonstrate the use of FACE to separate and visualize the glycans released following digestion of oligosaccharides by glycoside hydrolases (GHs) using two examples: (1) the digestion of chitobiose by the streptococcal β-hexosaminidase GH20C, and (2) the digestion of glycogen by the GH13 member SpuA.

Key words

Fluorophore ANTS Electrophoresis Glycoside hydrolases Glycan digestion CAZymes 



This work has been supported by the Canadian Institute of Health Research operating grant MOP 130305.


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  • Mélissa Robb
    • 1
  • Joanne K. Hobbs
    • 1
  • Alisdair B. Boraston
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Biochemistry and MicrobiologyUniversity of VictoriaVictoriaCanada

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