Genus- and Species-Specific PCR Detection Methods

  • Jan Springer
  • Jürgen LöfflerEmail author
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PCR-based detection of fungal pathogens offers a sensitive and specific tool for the diagnosis of invasive fungal infections. A large variety of different clinical specimen types can be used as original material. However, certain precautions, in addition to the published MIQE guidelines [1], need to be taken to prevent contaminations from airborne fungal spores and PCR reagents. In addition, the European Aspergillus PCR Initiative (EAPCRI) recently defined standards for Aspergillus PCR [2, 3], following these recommendations leads to superior sensitivity. The combination of fungal PCR with the galactomannan ELISA assay increases the sensitivity for the detection of Aspergillus DNA from blood, compared to a single assay only [4, 5].

Key words

DNA Detection Fungi PCR Amplification Broad-range PCR Species-specific method 


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