Before In Vivo Imaging: Evaluation of Fluorescent Probes Using Fluorescence Microscopy, Multiplate Reader, and Cytotoxicity Assays

  • Shaojuan ZhangEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1444)


Fluorescent probes are widely utilized for noninvasive fluorescence imaging. Continuing efforts have been made in developing novel fluorescent probes with improved fluorescence quantum yield, enhanced target-specificity, and lower cytotoxicity. Before such probes are administrated into a living system, it is essential to evaluate the subcellular uptake, targeting specificity, and cytotoxicity in vitro. In this chapter, we briefly outline common methods used to evaluate fluorescent probes using fluorescence microscopy, multiplate reader, and cytotoxicity assay.

Key words

Fluorescence microscopy Multiplate reader Cytotoxicity Targeting specificity 


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