A Multiplexed Method for Kinetic Measurements of Apoptosis and Proliferation Using Live-Content Imaging

  • Katherine Artymovich
  • Daniel M. AppledornEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1219)


In vitro cell proliferation and apoptosis assays are widely used to study cancer cell biology. Commonly used methodologies are however performed at a single, user-defined endpoint. We describe a kinetic multiplex assay incorporating the CellPlayerTM NucLight Red reagent to measure proliferation and the CellPlayerTM Caspase-3/7 reagent to measure apoptosis using the two-color, live-content imaging platform, IncuCyteTM ZOOM. High-definition phase-contrast images provide an additional qualitative validation of cell death based on morphological characteristics. The kinetic data generated using this strategy can be used to derive informed pharmacology measurements to screen potential cancer therapeutics.

Key words

Kinetic multiplex cell death assay Real-time imaging Caspase-3 Fluorescent imaging 


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