edgeR for Differential RNA-seq and ChIP-seq Analysis: An Application to Stem Cell Biology

  • Olga Nikolayeva
  • Mark D. Robinson
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1150)


The edgeR package, an R-based tool within the Bioconductor project, offers a flexible statistical framework for detection of changes in abundance based on counts. In this chapter, we illustrate the use of edgeR on a human embryonic stem cell dataset, in particular for RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data. We focus on a step-by-step statistical analysis of differential expression, going from raw data to a list of putative differentially expressed genes and give examples of integrative analysis using the ChIP-seq data. We emphasize data quality spot checks and the use of positive controls throughout the process and give practical recommendations for reproducible research.


Differential count analysis edgeR RNA-seq ChIP-seq Reproducible research Integrative analysis Human embryonic stem cells 


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