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In Vitro Analysis of Chemotactic Leukocyte Migration in 3D Environments

  • Michael SixtEmail author
  • Tim Lämmermann
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 769)


Cell migration on two-dimensional (2D) substrates follows entirely different rules than cell migration in three-dimensional (3D) environments. This is especially relevant for leukocytes that are able to migrate in the absence of adhesion receptors within the confined geometry of artificial 3D extracellular matrix scaffolds and within the interstitial space in vivo. Here, we describe in detail a simple and economical protocol to visualize dendritic cell migration in 3D collagen scaffolds along chemotactic gradients. This method can be adapted to other cell types and may serve as a physiologically relevant paradigm for the directed locomotion of most amoeboid cells.

Key words

3D Interstitial migration Chemotaxis Chemokine gradient Cell motility Collagen Extracellular matrix Interstitium Connective tissue 


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