Bioinformatics for Omics Data

Volume 719 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 31-69


Data Standards for Omics Data: The Basis of Data Sharing and Reuse

  • Stephen A. ChervitzAffiliated withAffymetrix, Inc.
  • , Eric W. DeutschAffiliated withInstitute for Systems Biology
  • , Dawn FieldAffiliated withNERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • , Helen ParkinsonAffiliated withEMBL-EBI
  • , John QuackenbushAffiliated withDepartment of Biostatistics, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • , Phillipe Rocca-SerraAffiliated withEMBL-EBI
  • , Susanna-Assunta SansoneAffiliated withEMBL-EBI
  • , Christian J. StoeckertJr.Affiliated withDepartment of Genetics and Center for Bioinformatics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • , Chris F. TaylorAffiliated withEMBL-EBI
    • , Ronald TaylorAffiliated withComputational Biology & Bioinformatics Group, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    • , Catherine A. BallAffiliated withDepartment of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine Email author 

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To facilitate sharing of Omics data, many groups of scientists have been working to establish the relevant data standards. The main components of data sharing standards are experiment description standards, data exchange standards, terminology standards, and experiment execution standards. Here we provide a survey of existing and emerging standards that are intended to assist the free and open exchange of large-format data.

Key words

Data sharing Data exchange Data standards MGED MIAME Ontology Data format Microarray Proteomics Metabolomics