Structurally Selective Imaging Mass Spectrometry by Imaging Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry

  • John A. McLean
  • Larissa S. Fenn
  • Jeffrey R. Enders
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 656)


This chapter describes the utility of structurally based separations combined with imaging mass spectrometry (MS) by ion mobility-MS (IM-MS) approaches. The unique capabilities of combining rapid (μs-ms) IM separations with imaging MS are detailed for an audience ranging from new to potential practitioners in IM-MS technology. Importantly, imaging IM-MS provides the ability to rapidly separate and elucidate various types of endogenous and exogenous biomolecules (e.g., nucleotides, carbohydrates, peptides, and lipids), including isobaric species. Drift tube and traveling wave IM-MS instrumentation are described and specific protocols are presented for calculating ion–neutral collision cross sections (i.e., apparent ion surface area or structure) from experimentally obtained IM-MS data. Special emphasis is placed on the use of imaging IM-MS for the analysis of samples in life sciences research (e.g., thin tissue sections), including selective imaging for peptide/protein and lipid distributions. Future directions for rapid and multiplexed imaging IM-MS/MS are detailed.

Key words

Ion mobility ion mobility-mass spectrometry IM-MS imaging mass spectrometry IMS MSI imaging ion mobility-mass spectrometry structural separations MALDI IM-MS/MS 



We thank Whitney B. Ridenour and Richard M. Caprioli (Vanderbilt University) for assistance and use of the Synapt HDMS (data shown in Figs. 21.6 and 21.7), which is supported by the Vanderbilt University Mass Spectrometry Research Core. Financial support for this work was provided by the National Institutes of Health-NIDA (#HHSN271200700012C), Vanderbilt University College of Arts and Sciences, Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology, Vanderbilt Institute for Integrated Biosystems Research and Education, the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (Research award to J.A.M), the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh, Waters Corp., and Ionwerks Inc.


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  • Larissa S. Fenn
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