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Database Systems for Knowledge-Based Discovery

  • Sarma A. R. P. Jagarlapudi
  • K. V. Radha Kishan
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 575)


Several database systems have been developed to provide valuable information from the bench chemist to biologist, medical practitioner to pharmaceutical scientist in a structured format. The advent of information technology and computational power enhanced the ability to access large volumes of data in the form of a database where one could do compilation, searching, archiving, analysis, and finally knowledge derivation. Although, data are of variable types the tools used for database creation, searching and retrieval are similar. GVK BIO has been developing databases from publicly available scientific literature in specific areas like medicinal chemistry, clinical research, and mechanism-based toxicity so that the structured databases containing vast data could be used in several areas of research. These databases were classified as reference centric or compound centric depending on the way the database systems were designed. Integration of these databases with knowledge derivation tools would enhance the value of these systems toward better drug design and discovery.

Key words

GVK BIO databases Medchem database Toxicity database Clinical candidate database GPCR database Kinase database GOSTAR Biomarker database 



The authors sincerely acknowledge the efforts of many people in developing the databases, in particular Mr. Kiran, Sreedhar Rao, Amarnath, Anil, Ms. Rama Devi, Ms. Sunita, Drs. Pramod, and Raveendra.


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  • Sarma A. R. P. Jagarlapudi
    • 1
  • K. V. Radha Kishan
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  1. 1.S-1, Phase-1, TIEGVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.HyderabadIndia

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