The Quartz Fiber Fishpole Balance

  • Janet V. Passonneau
  • Oliver H. Lowry
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The fishpole balance is simply a quartz fiber mounted horizontally by one end. For large sizes, a light glass or quartz pan is attached to the free end. The sample is placed on the pan or the free end, and the displacement measured (Fig. 1).
Fig. 1.

Arrangement for loading and reading quartz fiber balance. The wooden sample holder is held by spring S to the double rack-and-pinion loading device shown (a modified stage micrometer). The loader is mounted on a 4 × 4 inch beam (B) that also provides a steady rest for the right hand with which samples are transferred to the balance tip. Transfers are supervised through the wide-angle microscope. The displacement of the balance tip is measured on the micrometer ocular in one eyepiece of the same microscope (see inset). The zero point is adjusted by means of the vertical rack and pinion of the microscope mount.


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