DNA and RNA Profiling in Human Blood

Volume 496 of the series METHODS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY™ pp 129-142

Medium- to High-Throughput SNP Genotyping Using VeraCode Microbeads

  • Charles H. LinAffiliated withIllumina, Inc.
  • , Joanne M. YeakleyAffiliated withIllumina, Inc.
  • , Timothy K. McDanielAffiliated withIllumina, Inc.
  • , Richard ShenAffiliated withIllumina, Inc.

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Recent breakthroughs in multiplexed SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) genotyping technology have enabled global mapping of the relationships between genetic variation and disease. Discoveries made by such whole-genome association studies often spur further interest in surveying more focused subsets of SNPs for validation or research purposes. Here we describe a new SNP genotyping platform that is flexible in assay content and multiplexing (up to 384 analytes), and can serve medium- to high-throughput applications. The Illumina BeadXpress platform supports the GoldenGate Genotyping Assay on digitally inscribed VeraCode microbeads to allow streamlined workflow, rapid detection, unparalleled data reproducibility and consistency. Thus, it is a highly valuable tool for biomarker research and validation, pharmaceutical development, as well as the development of molecular diagnostic tests.

Key Words

High-throughput genotyping biomarker validation SNP randomly assembled microarrays allele-specific extension and ligation universal capture oligonucleotides universal arrays