Whole-Genome Bisulfite Sequencing and Epigenetic Variation in Cereal Methylomes

  • Taiji KawakatsuEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 2072)


Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) is a technique used for the analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation patterns (DNA methylomes) at a single-base resolution. Here, I describe a simple DNA extraction method from rice endosperm and the universal protocol of WGBS, MethylC-sequencing library preparation. The use of benzyl chloride allows for the extraction of high-quality genomic DNA from starchy endosperm, while sodium bisulfite converts unmethylated cytosine to uracil, whereas methylated cytosine is unchanged. The bisulfite conversion of whole genome sequencing libraries before the final amplification step allows for the discrimination of methylated from unmethylated cytosines in a genome-wide manner.

Key words

DNA methylomes Rice Cereal Endosperm Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing MethylC-sequencing 



This work is supported by JSPS KAKENHI (17H05851 and 19H04873).


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  1. 1.Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, National Agriculture and Food Research OrganizationTsukubaJapan

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