Single-Cell Metabolomics by Mass Spectrometry

  • Bindesh ShresthaEmail author
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Single-cell level metabolomics gives a snapshot of small molecules, intermediates, and products of cellular metabolism within a biological system. These small molecules, typically less than 1 kDa in molecular weight, often provide the basis of biochemical heterogeneity within cells. The molecular differences between cells with a cell type are often attributed to random stochastic biochemical processes, cell cycle stages, environmental stress, and diseased states. In this chapter, current limitations and challenges in single-cell analysis by mass spectrometry will be discussed alongside the prospects of single-cell metabolomics in systems biology. A few selected example of the recent development in mass spectrometry tools to unravel single-cell metabolomics will be described as well.

Key words

Single-cell analysis Single cell Single-cell mass spectrometry Single-cell metabolomics Single-cell metabolites 


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