Single-Molecule FRET Methods to Study Glutamate Receptors

  • Douglas B. Litwin
  • Ryan J. Durham
  • Vasanthi JayaramanEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1941)


Single-molecule fluorescence energy transfer methods allow us to determine the complete structural landscape between the donor and acceptor fluorophores introduced on the protein of interest. This method is particularly attractive to study ion channel proteins as single-molecule current recordings have been used to study the function of these proteins for several decades. Here we describe the smFRET method used to study glutamate receptors.

Key words

Single-molecule FRET Fluorescence NMDA receptor Glutamate receptor 



This project was supported by NIH grants R35GM122528 (VJ) and F31GM130035 (RJD) and by the Houston Area Molecular Biophysics Training Program NIH- 2T32 GM008280-26 (DBL).


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  • Douglas B. Litwin
    • 1
  • Ryan J. Durham
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  • Vasanthi Jayaraman
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