Mouse Ex Vivo Kidney Culture Methods

  • Anneliis Ihermann-Hella
  • Satu KuureEmail author
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Kidney organogenesis has been a widely used classical model system to study inductive tissue interactions that guide differentiation of many organs. The basis for this is in the pioneering work done during the early 1950s when the conditions of how to support ex vivo growth and differentiation of developing kidneys were revealed. Importantly, culturing developing kidneys remains as an essential instrument to advance our understanding of molecular and cellular regulation of morphogenesis even today. Despite the fact that embryonic kidneys have been cultured for decades, it is not a trivial method and requires specific anatomical and developmental biology knowledge. This chapter outlines the general steps in organ culture and details the requirements for successful kidney explant differentiation.

Key words

Ex vivo Organ culture Kidney development In vitro differentiation Ureteric bud Metanephric mesenchyme Microdissection 


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