Cytoplasmic Immunoglobulin Vs. DNA Analysis by Flow Cytometry

  • Daisy AlapatEmail author
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Cytoplasmic immunoglobulin (CIg) vs DNA by flow cytometric (FCM) method allows us to detect DNA content of the neoplastic plasma cells with monotypic cytoplasmic immunoglobulin and also provide us with clear distinction from normal polytypic plasma cells. Abnormalities in cellular DNA content (DNA aneuploidy) and cell cycle determination (proliferative activity) can be measured rapidly by flow cytometry. FCM can measure gross differences in DNA content and distinguish a cell population with normal DNA content, or diploid from a cell population with an abnormal or aneuploid DNA content. With the dual parameter procedure a monoclonal plasma cell population can be identified down to less than 0.1–0.05% of all cells.

Key words

DNA Index Cytoplasmic immunoglobulin Kappa and lambda cIg/DNA 


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