Searching and Extracting Data from the EMBL-EBI Complex Portal

  • Birgit H.  M. MeldalEmail author
  • Sandra Orchard
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1764)


The Complex Portal ( is an encyclopedia of macromolecular complexes. Complexes are assigned unique, stable IDs, are species specific, and list all participating members with links to an appropriate reference database (UniProtKB, ChEBI, RNAcentral). Each complex is annotated extensively with its functions, properties, structure, stoichiometry, tissue expression profile, and subcellular location. Links to domain-specific databases allow the user to access additional information and enable data searching and filtering. Complexes can be saved and downloaded in PSI-MI XML, MI-JSON, and tab-delimited formats.

Key words

Complex portal Protein-protein interactions Database Bioinformatics Protein function Protein structure Molecular pathways 



This work was supported by European Molecular Biology Laboratories core funding, BBSRC Midas Grant (BB/L024179/1), and the Wellcome Trust (WT101477MA) (Complex Viewer, as part of PRIDE Atlas). We thank Mila Rodrigues and Luana Perfetto for their curation efforts, Maximilian Koch for developing the website, Xavier Watkins and Sangya Pundir for their user experience design expertise, and Colin Combe for writing ComplexViewer for this project.


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