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Practical Nonuniform Sampling and Non-Fourier Spectral Reconstruction for Multidimensional NMR

  • Mark W. Maciejewski
  • Adam D. Schuyler
  • Jeffrey C. Hoch
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1688)


A general approach to accelerating multidimensional NMR experiments via nonuniform sampling and maximum entropy spectral reconstruction was first demonstrated by Laue and colleagues in 1987. Following decades of continual improvements involving dozens of software packages for non-Fourier spectral analysis and many different schemes for nonuniform sampling, we still lack a clear consensus on best practices for sampling or spectral reconstruction, and programs for processing nonuniformly sampled data are not particularly user-friendly. Nevertheless, it is possible to discern conservative and general guidelines for nonuniform sampling and spectral reconstruction. Here, we describe a robust semi-automated workflow that employs these guidelines for simplifying the selection of a sampling schedule and the processing of the resulting nonuniformly sampled multidimensional NMR data. Our approach is based on NMRbox, a shared platform for NMR software that facilitates workflow development and execution, and enables rapid comparison of alternate approaches.

Key words

Nonuniform sampling NMR Multidimensional Maximum entropy reconstruction (MaxEnt) Spectral reconstruction Nus-tool 



We thank Alan S. Stern, Gerard Weatherby, Frank Delaglio, David Rovnyak, and Levi Craft for useful discussions and technical support. Support for NMRbox from the US National Institutes for Health (via grant P41GM111135) is gratefully acknowledged. Support from NIH (via grant R21GM104517) for research on MaxEnt reconstruction is also gratefully acknowledged.


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  • Mark W. Maciejewski
    • 1
  • Adam D. Schuyler
    • 1
  • Jeffrey C. Hoch
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  1. 1.Department of Molecular Biology and BiophysicsUConn HealthFarmingtonUSA

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