In Situ Hi-C Library Preparation for Plants to Study Their Three-Dimensional Chromatin Interactions on a Genome-Wide Scale

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The spatial organization of the genome in the nucleus is critical for many cellular processes. It has been broadly accepted that the packing of chromatin inside the nucleus is not random, but structured at several hierarchical levels. The Hi-C method combines Chromatin Conformation Capture and high-throughput sequencing, which allows interrogating genome-wide chromatin interactions. Depending on the sequencing depth, chromatin packing patterns derived from Hi-C experiments can be viewed on a chromosomal scale or at a local genic level. Here, I describe a protocol of plant in situ Hi-C library preparation, which covers procedures starting from tissue fixation to library amplification.

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In situ Hi-C Plants Chromatin packing 



This work was supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (LI 2862/1).


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