Progress and Potential of Imaging Mass Spectrometry Applied to Biomarker Discovery

  • Jusal Quanico
  • Julien Franck
  • Maxence Wisztorski
  • Michel Salzet
  • Isabelle FournierEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1598)


Mapping provides a direct means to assess the impact of protein biomarkers and puts into context their relevance in the type of cancer being examined. To this end, mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) was developed to provide the needed spatial information which is missing in traditional liquid-based mass spectrometric proteomics approaches. Aptly described as a “molecular histology” technique, MSI gives an additional dimension in characterizing tumor biopsies, allowing for mapping of hundreds of molecules in a single analysis. A decade of developments focused on improving and standardizing MSI so that the technique can be translated into the clinical setting. This review describes the progress made in addressing the technological development that allows to bridge local protein detection by MSI to its identification and to illustrate its potential in studying various aspects of cancer biomarker discovery.

Key words

Mass spectrometry imaging Molecular histology Biomarker Protein identification Microextraction Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization 


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  • Maxence Wisztorski
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  • Isabelle Fournier
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