Using TropGeneDB: A Database Containing Data on Molecular Markers, QTLs, Maps, Genotypes, and Phenotypes for Tropical Crops

  • Manuel RuizEmail author
  • Guilhem Sempéré
  • Chantal Hamelin
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1533)


TropGeneDB ( is a web database that manages genomic, genetic, and phenotypic information on tropical crops. It is organized on a crop basis with currently nine public modules: banana, cocoa, coconut, coffee, cotton, oil palm, rice, rubber tree, and sugarcane. TropGeneDB contains data on molecular markers, quantitative trait loci (QTLs), genetic and physical maps, genotyping and phenotyping studies, and information on genetic resources (geographic origin, parentage, collection). Crop-specific web interfaces have been designed to allow quick consultations as well as personalized complex queries.

Key words

Tropical crops Genetic Molecular Phenotypic data 



The authors should like to thank all the expert biologists involved in TropGeneDB data curation.


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  • Manuel Ruiz
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    Email author
  • Guilhem Sempéré
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  • Chantal Hamelin
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  1. 1.UMR Amélioration Génétique et Adaptation des Plantes Méditerranéennes et Tropicales (AGAP), CIRADMontpellierFrance
  2. 2.UMR Intertryp, CIRADMontpellier Cedex 5France

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