Tissue Morphogenesis

Volume 1189 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 163-169


Culture of Mouse Embryonic Foregut Explants

  • Felicia ChenAffiliated withPulmonary Center – Boston University School of Medicine
  • , Wellington V. CardosoAffiliated withPulmonary Center – Boston University School of MedicineDepartment of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center and Columbia Center for Human Development Email author 

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The ability to culture embryonic organ rudiments and follow their development ex vivo has helped to understand how tissues are constructed and what cellular and biological events are important in this process. Here we outline a technique for isolation and ex vivo growth of foregut explants from E8.5 mouse embryos. This technique serves as a reliable tool for the analysis of the morphogenetic processes and signaling networks during early development of foregut derivatives, such as the lungs.

Key words

Organ explant Foregut culture Development Organogenesis Mouse Lung development