Electroporation Protocols

Volume 1121 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 325-336


DNA Electroporation of Multi-agent Vaccines Conferring Protection Against Select Agent Challenge: TriGrid Delivery System

  • Andrea M. Keane-MyersAffiliated withIchor Medical Systems, Inc.
  • , Matt BellAffiliated withIchor Medical Systems, Inc.
  • , Drew HannamanAffiliated withIchor Medical Systems, Inc.
  • , Mark AlbrechtAffiliated withIchor Medical Systems, Inc.

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Effective multi-agent/multivalent vaccines that confer protection against more than one disease are highly desirable to the patient and to health-care professionals. Electroporation of DNA vaccines, whereby tissues injected with DNA are subjected to localized electrical currents, is an ideal platform technology that achieves protective immune responses to multivalent vaccination. Here, we describe an electroporation-based immunization technique capable of administering a cocktail of DNA vaccinations in vivo. Immune response measurements, including protection from pathogen challenge and induction of antigen-specific antibody responses and cell-mediated immune responses, are also discussed.

Key words

Anthrax Plague DNA vaccine Recombinant protein vaccine Intramuscular introduction