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Proteomic Tools to Study the Effect of BDNF on De Novo Protein Synthesis

  • Heather Bowling
  • Eric KlannEmail author
Part of the Neuromethods book series


BDNF has been long recognized as a potent contributor to neural development, maintenance, and plasticity, and previous studies have revealed protein synthesis to be a major effector in its molecular mechanisms of action. Until recently, the only tools available to study protein synthesis were unlabeled proteomics and radioactive amino acid labeling. The emergence of new tools in the 2000s has led to more precise and in-depth understanding of the mechanism of action of BDNF at the protein synthesis level. In this chapter, we will provide an overview of some of these methods—SUnSET, BONCAT, FUNCAT, and BONLAC—for the study of BDNF-induced de novo protein synthesis.





We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Aditi Bhattacharya, Dr. Thomas Neubert, and Dr. Guoan Zhang for their help in preparing this chapter. This work was supported by NIH grant NS034007 (E.K.).


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