Human-Scale Liver Harvest and Decellularization for Preclinical Research

  • Kazuki Tajima
  • Hiroshi YagiEmail author
  • Yuko Kitagawa
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1577)


Decellularized scaffolds are promising for organ regeneration; to facilitate analyses of decellularization and preclinical research, experiments using large animals are indispensable. An efficient protocol using large animals requires the modification of current methods to account for differences in anatomy, size, stiffness, and animal handling. This chapter describes a method for the decellularization of livers from large animals (especially porcine livers), including anesthesia, organ harvest, organ decellularization, and storage, with a summary of potential pitfalls. This methodology can hypothetically be applied to large animals for preclinical studies and subsequent clinical applications.


Acellular scaffold Bioengineering Decellularization Extracellular matrix Human scale Porcine liver Preclinical trial Regeneration therapy 



This work was supported by grants from the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Research Center Network for Realization of Regenerative Medicine, and Projects for Technological Development (to Y.K. and H.Y.).


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