Topics in Current Chemistry

ISSN: 2365-0869 (Print) 2364-8961 (Online)

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Antiviral Drug Research

Guangxin Liang, Zheng Yin

2 Articles

Applications of Radiation Chemistry

Margherita Venturi, Mila D’Angelantonio

13 Articles

Chemical Transformations of Carbon Dioxide

Xiao-Feng Wu, Matthias Beller

7 Articles

Cycloadditions in Bioorthogonal Chemistry

Milan Vrabel and Thomas Carell

7 Articles


Guoxiong Wang

3 Articles

Electrochemical Energy Storage

Rüdiger A. Eichel

5 Articles

Hydrogen Transfer Reactions

Gabriela Guillena, Diego J. Ramón

9 Articles

Ionic Liquids II

Barbara Kirchner, Eva Perlt

10 Articles

Lignin Chemistry

Luis Serrano, Rafael Luque, Bert Sels

6 Articles

Multidimensional Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

Tiago Buckup, Jeremie Leonard

7 Articles

Photoluminescent Materials and Electroluminescent Devices

Nicola Armaroli, Henk Bolink

12 Articles

Physical Organic Chemistry of Quinodimethanes

Yoshito Tobe, Takashi Kubo

6 Articles

Polymer Synthesis Based on Triple-bond Building Blocks

Ben Zhong Tang, Rongrong Hu

7 Articles

Polymeric Gene Delivery Systems

Yiyun Cheng

12 Articles

Sonochemistry: From basic principles to innovative applications

Juan Carlos Colmenares Q., Gregory Chatel

11 Articles

Sulfur Chemistry

Xuefeng Jiang

11 Articles

Sustainable Flow Chemistry

Timothy Noel and Rafael Luque

5 Articles