Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

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  • December 2019, Issue 30

    Thanks to reviewers 2019/Intraoperative detection of isocitrate dehydrogenase mutations/Tissue classification by rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry/Confirmation of sub-cellular resolution using oversampling IMS

  • November 2019, Issue 29

    New Developments in Biosensors

  • November 2019, Issue 28

    Enhancing the accuracy of measurement of small molecule organic biomarkers/Extracting DNA with magnetic ionic liquids using in situ DLLME/Automated and enhanced extraction of a small molecule-drug conjugate/Characterization of fuel gases with fiber-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

  • November 2019, Issue 27

    Simultaneous determination of proteins in microstructured optical fibers/Quantitative evaluation of liposomal doxorubicin and its metabolites in spheroids/Multi-technique microscopy investigation on bacterial biofilm matrices/Complementary CE-MS methods for speciation analysis of antifouling agents

  • October 2019, Issue 26

    In honor of Philippe Garrigues/Analytics 4.0: Online wastewater monitoring by GC and HPLC/Challenges of big data integration in the life sciences/Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging of colon tissues

  • October 2019, Issue 25

    ABC and the International Year of the Periodic Table/Elemental pub quiz challenge/Isolation of biologically active compounds from mangrove sediments/Self-propelled micromachines for analytical sensing

  • September 2019, Issue 24

    Close-Up of Current Developments in Ion Mobility Spectrometry

  • September 2019, Issue 23

    The ABCs of challenges, education, and professional development/Isolation of biologically active compounds from mangrove sediments/Two different approaches to an analytical chemistry laboratory practical/Quantification of nitroaromatic explosives in soil using MALDI-TOF MS

  • September 2019, Issue 22

    Artificial vs. human intelligence in analytics/Co-registration of MSI, histology, and laser microdissection-based omics/SPR biosensor for the ultrasensitive detection of bisphenol A/Using MALDI-MSI to evaluate lipid changes during disease progression

  • August 2019, Issue 21

    Ultrasmall Sample Biochemical Analysis

  • August 2019, Issue 20

    The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics/Determination of silver nanoparticles in consumer products/Advancing MSn spatial resolution and documentation for glycosaminoglycans/Rapid detection of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium

  • July 2019, Issue 19

    Young Investigators in (Bio-)Analytical Chemistry

  • July 2019, Issue 18

    New Insights into Analytical Science in China

  • July 2019, Issue 17

    SPR coupled to mass spectrometry for biomolecular interaction analysis/Promising techniques and open challenges for microplastic identification/Recent advances in glycosaminoglycan analysis by various MS techniques/Trends in mass spectrometry imaging for cardiovascular diseases

  • June 2019, Issue 16

    Certification of nitrate in spinach powder reference material SPIN-1/Migration of oligomers from food contact biopolymer/ESI outcompetes other ion sources in LC/MS trace analysis/Studying the transport of metallic nanoparticles through collagen-rich microstructures

  • June 2019, Issue 15

    Improved matrix coating for MALDI-TOF imaging of lipids/Fluorescence lifetime correlation spectroscopy by high affinity Cu2+ probes/Rapid SERS-based recognition of cell secretomes/Interconnected carbon nanotube monolithic sorbents

  • May 2019, Issue 14

    Quantitative SIFT-MS analysis of atmospheric monoterpenes/Coupling multiplex immunoprecipitation with LC-PRM to quantify N-glycoproteins/Investigating the evaporation behavior of aroma compounds in e-cigarettes/Studying substitution on the surface of AuNPs and bioconjugation with BSA

  • May 2019, Issue 13

    Standard additions and internal standard in quantitative instrumental analysis/Electrochemical DNA biosensors for breast cancer gene marker detection/Metabolite aberrations in early diabetes detected using MS imaging/Analyzing non-ionic surfactants by SFC combined with IMS-MS

  • May 2019, Issue 12

    Introducing three new ABC Editors/The 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: phage display of peptides and antibodies/On-line coupling of fizzy extraction with gas chromatography/Two-dimensional photonic crystal for the sensing of G-series nerve agents

  • April 2019, Issue 11

    Remote SPR detection of DNA hybridization by micropillar optical arrays/Chemometric control of commercial diesel adulteration by kerosene/Recovery, overloading, and protein interactions in AF4/2,4,6-Trinitrophenol detection by a new portable sensing gadgets

  • April 2019, Issue 10

    The flame – not the ashes: achievements and heritage of a passionate analytical chemist/Coated polycarbonate chips for low-cost analytical microarrays/Characterization of House Dust using Complementary Mass Spectrometric Techniques/Quantitative flow assay for simultaneous detection of amantadine and chloramphenicol

  • March 2019, Issue 9

    Nanoparticles for Bioanalysis

  • March 2019, Issue 8

    Graphene modified electrodes for sensing doxorubicin hydrochloride/Water compatible MIPs for the selective extraction of carbamazepine/Applying DART to the study of chemical vapor generation mechanisms/Plasmonic sensing by piezo-dispensing of colloidal nanoparticles

  • March 2019, Issue 7

    Statistically correlating NMR spectra and LC-MS data for metabolomics/Label-free detection of exosomes using SPR biosensors/Towards an efficient workflow for the analysis of the human milk peptidome/Comparing turn-on and ratiometric fluorescent G-quadruplex aptasensors

  • February 2019, Issue 6

    Measuring sulfite concentrations by glass-silicon microdroplet-based system/Confining analyte droplets on visible Si pillars for SALDI-TOF MS/Quantitative imaging of 33P in plant materials using 14C polymer references/Detecting Hg2+ by tryptamine-appended rhodamine-based chemosensors

  • February 2019, Issue 5

    Electrochemical surface plasmon resonance aptasensors/Carbon fiber ionization MS for detecting pesticide residues on tomatoes/107Pd in Pd purified by selective precipitation from spent nuclear fuel/Rapid cancer diagnosis by carbon nanodots-based imaging

  • February 2019, Issue 4

    Quantitative 1HNMR spectroscopy for microplastic particles/Validated workflow for drug detection in oral fluids/Combining recombinase polymerase amplification with vertical flow microarray/Mapping triglyceride distribution in NAFLD human liver

  • January 2019, Issue 3

    Elemental and Molecular Imaging by LA-ICP-MS

  • January 2019, Issue 2

    Characterization air contaminants emitted during laser cutting/Thread-based assay for quantitative small molecule analysis by CE/Spatial and molecular changes of mouse brain metabolism visualized by MALDI-MSI/ZnO oatmeal-like/silver composites as electrochemical sensor for Pb2+ detection

  • January 2019, Issue 1

    Titration endpoint challenge/Metrologically traceable and comparable results in GM quantification/Simplifying the complex: metabolomics approaches in chemical ecology/Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

  • December 2018, Issue 30

    Thanks to reviewers in 2018/Affinity profiling by LC-SPR biosensing/Retention-time prediction in GC×GC-MS/IR-MALDESI mass spectrometry imaging

  • November 2018, Issue 29

    ABC Spotlight on magnetic composite nanoparticles in analysis/Self-assembled protein-enzyme nanoflower-based fluorescent sensing/3D-printed syringe attachment for ultrafiltration binding analyses/Versatile nano-platform for tailored immuno-magnetic carriers

  • November 2018, Issue 28

    Toehold integrated molecular beacon systems/Raman microspectroscopic mapping to detect gunshot residue/Magnetic carbon nanocomposites as a MALDI co-matrix/Portable detection of serum HER-2 in breast cancer

  • November 2018, Issue 27

    Be unafraid…. to try something new or challenging/Assessment of retention behavior for gold nanorods in AF4/Sample-in-digital-answer-out (SIDAO) diagnostic systems/Using DESI–MSI to map secondary metabolites of Streptomyces sp.

  • October 2018, Issue 26

    Chemometrics in analytical chemistry/Purity assignment for peptide reference materials/Near-infrared fluorescent probes for in vivo tumor imaging/Near-infrared fluorescent probes for in vivo tumor imaging

  • October 2018, Issue 25

    Fading lemonade challenge/Where are modern flow techniques heading to?/Current trends in supercritical fluid chromatography/Instrumental analysis of microplastics

  • September 2018, Issue 24

    Analytical Developments in Advancing Safety in Nanotechnology

  • September 2018, Issue 23

    On determining the power of digital PCR experiments/A many probes-one spot hybridization oligonucleotide microarray/Cellular resolution and reliable identification in mass spectrometry imaging/Sheathless coupling of microchip electrophoresis to ESI-MS

  • September 2018, Issue 22

    Food Safety Analysis

  • August 2018, Issue 21

    ABC Spotlight on Analytics 4.0/Lab 4.0: SiLA or OPC UA/Reference database design for microplastic analysis by FTIR spectroscopy/Low-temperature plasma ionization for ambient mass spectrometry

  • August 2018, Issue 20

    Active learning materials for teaching electrochemistry/Quantification of oat ceramides in skin permeation studies/Using synchrotron radiation XAFS spectroscopy at acupuncture points/Electrochemiluminescence analysis of intracellular glucose at single cells

  • July 2018, Issue 19

    Ionic Liquids as Tunable Materials in (Bio)Analytical Chemistry

  • July 2018, Issue 18

    Separation of hydrophobically modified hyaluronic acid/Cellular thiols imaging by fluorescent probes with large Stokes shift/Smart app-based on-field colorimetric quantification of mercury/Monitoring dynamic release of intracellular hydrogen peroxide

  • July 2018, Issue 17

    Vitamin B3 mystery challenge/Analytical chemistry teaching in Russian universities/Future monitoring of organic micropollutants in water/Diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis by lateral flow immunoassay

  • June 2018, Issue 16

    Problem-based learning in instrumental analysis teaching/Sizing lipid droplets via nanoparticle tracking analysis/Biochemical profiling of rat embryonic stem cells/Recognizing volatile organic compounds with colorimetric sensor arrays

  • June 2018, Issue 15

    Discovery of Bioactive Compounds

  • May 2018, Issue 14

    Euroanalysis XIX

  • May 2018, Issue 13

    More and enhanced glyphosate analysis needed/Aptamer-facilitated mass cytometry/Geochemical wolframite fingerprinting/MIPs fabricated via Pickering emulsions

  • May 2018, Issue 12

    Effective response to peer review/Differential mobility spectrometry–mass spectrometry for metabolomics/Insert-based microfluidics for 3D cell culture with analysis/Detecting mycoplasma in contaminated mammalian cell cultures

  • April 2018, Issue 11

    Cutting the cord: virtual machines for real instrumental analysis/Paper-based analytical device for detecting nitrite with smartphones/Data preprocessing approaches for metabolic confounding effect elimination/Combining EDX and EBSD to characterize workspace aerosols

  • April 2018, Issue 10

    Best food reference material challenge/Noble metal nanoclusters as optical sensors for toxic metal ions/Cellular dielectrophoresis coupled with single-cell analysis/UHPLC-MS/MS metabolomics-based stress screening

  • March 2018, Issue 9

    ABC presents bioanalysis and environmental analysis/Flipped learning for delivery of analytical chemistry topics/Analytical challenges in sports drug testing/Unique arsenic speciation profile in Elaphomyces spp.

  • March 2018, Issue 8

    The 2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Cryo-EM comes of age/ Post-translational modifications in tumor biomarkers/ What is novel about certified reference materials?/ NISTmAb Reference Material value assignment and scattering measurements

  • March 2018, Issue 7

    Successfully navigating the early years of a faculty position/Metabolomic spectral libraries for data independent LC-SWATH-MS/Sensitive electrochemical detection of microRNA-21/Spatially resolved chemical analysis of cicada wings using LAESI-IMS

  • February 2018, Issue 6

    Smartphones as audience response systems for lectures and seminars/ Poly A tail length analysis of in vitro transcribed mRNA by LC-MS/ Counting the number of enzymes on a nanoparticle coated electrode/ Toxicological assessment of nanomaterials by Raman microspectroscopy

  • February 2018, Issue 5

    So, you think you want to be an editor/VS2 quantum dot label-free fluorescent probes/Ion quencher operating lap for multiplexed fluorescent bioasays/Demonstration of hydrazide tagging for O-glycans

  • February 2018, Issue 4

    Microbial Biosensors for Analytical Applications

  • January 2018, Issue 3

    16th Anniversary Issue/Editorial Board Issue

  • January 2018, Issue 2

    Harmonizing immunoassay to LC-MS analysis/Zn(II) as metallic pivot in room temperature ionic liquids/Graphene quantum dots–terbium ions as luminescent probes/Single cell versus large population analysis

  • January 2018, Issue 1

    ABC Spotlight on paper-based strips analytics/Analytical evaluation of sensor measurements/Collision induced dissociation mass spectrometry challenge/Pre-concentration and separation of bacteria

  • December 2017, Issue 30

    Thanks to reviewers in 2017/Analyzing dissolved fluoride in river water by IC and HR-CS-GFMAS/In-situ estimation of concentration and particle size in colloidal suspensions/Facing titanium implant-associated infections

  • November 2017, Issue 29

    What makes a good review from an editor’s perspective?/SOFAST HMQC - an efficient tool for metabolomics/Characterizing submicron particles by AF4 methods/Graphene based label-free electrochemical aptasensor

  • November 2017, Issue 28

    Exhaled breath condensate methods for predicting early health alterations/Applying static headspace gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry/Light scattering spectroscopy for label-free brain tumor typing/Colorimetric determination of iron oxide nanoparticle uptake by cells

  • November 2017, Issue 27

    Biofluid pretreatment using gradient insulator-based dielectrophoresis/Salting-out-enhanced ionic liquid microextraction with a dual-role solvent/Plasmonic cell nanocoating for rapid microbial screening/Ultrasensitive SERS immunoassay based on diatom biosilica

  • October 2017, Issue 26

    The only constant is change – restructuring the team of ABC Editors/Characterizing intact monoclonal antibody charge variants by CZE–CZE–MS/ToF-SIMS and principal component analysis of lipids and amino acids/Localized surface plasmon immunosensor for SEA detection

  • October 2017, Issue 25

    Through the looking-glass challenge/Perspectives and challenges of photon-upconversion/Trends in analysis of gunshot residue for forensic purposes/Imaging of biomaterials with FTIR microscopy or quantum cascade lasers

  • September 2017, Issue 24

    Social impact of analytical chemistry/Analysing PAHs in particulate matter extracts using a 2D-LC/2D-GC system/Exploring peptide retention mechanism in molecularly imprinted polymers/Evaluating ceramic-polymer composite bioactivity and biocompatibility

  • September 2017, Issue 23

    Advances in LC-MS/MS Analysis/Analysis of wastewater-derived contaminants in lettuce/Factors affecting separation and detection of bile acids by LC-MS/A simple and rapid infrared-assisted self enzymolysis extraction

  • September 2017, Issue 22

    Career development course for undergraduate chemistry students/Amine-functionalized MIL-53(Al)-coated stainless steel fiber/Aptamer-based fluorescence-quenching lateral flow strips/Greener point of view in protein sample preparation

  • August 2017, Issue 21

    Using UHPLC-MS/MS to monitor antibiotic use in the poultry sector/A multifunctional fluorescent aptamer probe for Cd(II) detection/Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic discriminative detection of nerve agents/Evaluation of drug distribution by combining MALDI-MSI and cassette dosing

  • August 2017, Issue 20

    Size-exclusion chromatography of xylan derivatives/Automated chromatographic laccase-mediator-system activity assay/Monitoring of molecular changes during cell differentiation/SERS imaging-guided real-time photothermal ablation

  • July 2017, Issue 19

    Glycomic and glycoproteomic analysis of glycoproteins—a tutorial/Determination of dechloranes, PBDEs and NBFRs in food and serum/Ratio determination of nitric oxide to superoxide production in macrophages/Plasmonic gold nanoparticles for detection

  • July 2017, Issue 18

    Trends and Critical Reviews/IM-MS to investigate protein-ligand interactions/Moving from millifluidic to truly microfluidic/ABC Best Paper Award 2016

  • July 2017, Issue 17

    Pink tea challenge/High-throughput analysis of sub-visible mAb aggregate particles/Electromembrane extraction of highly polar basic drugs/Analysis of honeybush tea volatiles by GC×GC

  • June 2017, Issue 16

    Characterization of odorants in inflatable aquatic toys/Functional AuNPs for optical affinity biosensing/MS/MS of Drosophila brain lipids/Optimal filter substrate for microplastic identification

  • June 2017, Issue 15

    Nanofluids and chemical highly retentive hydrogels for cleaning/Data-dependent isotopologue fragmentation in 13CMFA/Identification of odorants in incense cedar wood/Functionalized DNA nanopore for tumor cell recognition

  • May 2017, Issue 14

    Amplification-free detection of microRNAs/Digital triplex DNA assay based on plasmonic nanocrystals/Quantification of DNA and RNA oxidative stress biomarkers/Quantitative characterization of single cells

  • May 2017, Issue 13

    A hybrid LIBS–Raman system combined with chemometrics for plastic identification/Assessment of nucleosides as putative prostate cancer biomarkers/Non-invasive identification of organic materials in historical stringed musical instruments/Quaternized cellulose/chitosan microspheres for selective enrichment of phosphopeptides

  • May 2017, Issue 12

    New biochromatography based on DNA origami assembled PPARγ/Visualization of nilotinib-functionalized AuNP within single cells/Enhanced solid-phase recombinase polymerase amplification/Hydrazide affinity on support materials for glycopeptide enrichment

  • April 2017, Issue 11

    Characterization of aptamer-receptor interactions by biosensing AFM/Gibbs energy additivity approaches to QSRR/Environmental and biological determination of acrolein/Amperometric L-lysine enzyme electrodes based on carbon nanotubes

  • April 2017, Issue 10

    Measurement uncertainty challenge/Determination of true ratios of different N-glycan structures/Field flow fractionation techniques to explore the “nano-world”/Solid-phase PCR for rapid multiplex detection of Salmonella spp.

  • March 2017, Issue 9

    Error analysis in newborn screening/Identification and quantification of nitrofurazone metabolites/Automation of sample preparation for mass cytometry barcoding/Chloroform induces outstanding crystallization of PHB vesicles within bacteria

  • March 2017, Issue 8

    Automated thin-film microextraction coupled to flow-through cells/Nanostructured NiO-based reagentless cholesterol biosensor/Development of a GC-APCI-QTOFMS library/Absolute quantification of myosin heavy chain isoforms by SRM

  • March 2017, Issue 7

    Should students be graded on accuracy and precision?/Identifying known unknowns using the CompTox Chemistry Dashboard/Phosphoproteomics of colon cancer metastasis/Major phytopathogens and strains from cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)

  • February 2017, Issue 6

    Implementing active learning laboratory experiments/Analysis of β-N-methylamino-L-alanine by CE-MS/Capillary coating as an important factor in optimizing MEKC assays/Hydrophobic ionic liquids for quantitative bacterial cell lysis

  • February 2017, Issue 5

    Determination of trace bisphenol A in environmental water/Interspecies comparison of peptide substrate reporter metabolism/Monitoring doxorubicin cellular uptake/In ovo sexing of chicken eggs by fluorescence spectroscopy

  • February 2017, Issue 4

    Research skills and ethics: a professional development graduate course/Metal indicator to judge loop-mediated isothermal amplifi cation/QCM-based rupture force measurement/Selective quantifi cation of DOSS in marine sediment

  • January 2017, Issue 3

    Process Analytics in Science and Industry

  • January 2017, Issue 2

    Glycomics, Glycoproteomics and Allied Topics

  • January 2017, Issue 1

    ABC Spotlight on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)/Reconstruction of undergraduate analytical chemistry laboratory/Redox titration challenge/Identification of red blood cells by Raman microspectroscopy

  • December 2016, Issue 30

    Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification in Bioanalysis (pp. 8581-8620)/Fundamental Aspects of Electromigrative Separation Techniques (pp. 8621-8725)/Highlights of Analytical Chemical Luminescence (pp. 8727-8893)

  • November 2016, Issue 29

    Analysis of environmental microplastics by vibrational microspectroscopy/Estrogen receptor preparation effects on receptor–DNA interaction/Cd-MONTs as a new SPME coating material/A urine glucose sensor with 2-D photonic crystal hydrogel

  • November 2016, Issue 28

    Volume determination of irregularly-shaped nanoparticles/Thioflavin T as fluorescent ligand for label-free ATP aptasensor/Identification of detergents for forensic fiber analysis/Shedding light on the structures of lignin compounds

  • November 2016, Issue 27

    NMR hide-and-seek challenge/Cloud point-based methods bridge gaps in aquatic nanometrology?/Novel bis(5-methyletrazolium)amine ligand-bonded stationary phase/Differentiating septic survivors from non-survivors by metabolomics

  • October 2016, Issue 26

    Chemical Sensing Systems (pp. 7229-7377)

  • October 2016, Issue 25

    Critical Reviews/Analytical Electrochemiluminescence (pp. 7001-7224)

  • September 2016, Issue 24

    Deployment of precise and robust sensors on board ISS/Comparison of static and dynamic headspace sampling/Contaminant screening of wastewater/Conformation of basic peptides by IM-MS

  • September 2016, Issue 23

    ABC’s spotlight on the nanoworld/Some rumination on Graduate Students/IR-MALDI ion mobility spectrometry/Quantitative determination of norisoprenoids

  • September 2016, Issue 22

    Immunoanalysis for Environmental Monitoring and Human Health (pp. 5959-6069)

  • August 2016, Issue 21

    Self-aliquoting micro-grooves combined with LA-ICP-MS/Combined use of direct analysis in real-time/Orbitrap MS/Determination of endocrine disrupting compounds in fish/Hyperspectral backscatter imaging: a label-free approach

  • August 2016, Issue 20

    “Heteroatom-tagged” quantification of proteins via ICP-MS/Analytical research experience as part of the undergraduate curriculum/Quantification of thyroid hormones and metabolites in blood/Doxorubicin-loaded chitosan nanoparticles

  • July 2016, Issue 19

    Single-particle-ICP-MS Advances (pp. 5051-5177)

  • July 2016, Issue 18

    ABC Best Paper Award 2015/Evaluation of inhibition of miRNA expression/Metabolic profi le of PV8 by HRMS/Mass defect matrix plots for analysis of lignin degradation products

  • July 2016, Issue 17

    Recent developments in FRET diagnostics using QDs/Microfabriated, amperometric in vivo biosensors/Reviewing Raman-based microarray readout concepts/Biochemical origins of surface-enhance Raman spectra of bacteria

  • June 2016, Issue 16

    Monitoring in vitro RNA release from human rhinovirus/Tandem anion and cation exchange solid phase extraction/Non-target time trend screening: a data reduction strategy/Blu-ray discs as substrates for sensitive detection of melamine

  • June 2016, Issue 15

    Single particle analysis of herpes simplex virus/C-reactive protein detection with an electronic immunosensor/A Raman “spectroscopic clock” for bloodstain age determination/EC-QCL IR spectroscopy for monitoring protein conformation changes

  • May 2016, Issue 14

    Nanocrystalline diamond sensor for selective CRP detection/Fast detection of coliform bacteria by means of GC-DMS/Multigrid MALDI mass spectrometry imaging (mMALDI MSI)/A novel 4D analytical approach for analysis of complex samples

  • May 2016, Issue 13

    TransOmic analysis of forebrain sections in embryonic mice/ATR-FT-IR spectral collection of conservation materials/Pesticide analysis at ppt concentration levels/Characterization of iodinated DBPs by means of GC Orbitrap MS

  • May 2016, Issue 12

    Comprehensive peptide marker identification/Data independent acquisition-digital archiving mass spectrometry/Insights into mechanisms of sublimed DHB matrix in ME-SIMS/Phenylbutazone purity challenge

  • April 2016, Issue 11

    Young Investigators in Analytical and Bioanalytical Science

  • April 2016, Issue 10

    Critically reviewing oligonucleotide-based biosensors/Recent advances in the determination of tocopherols/Enantiodifferentiation of 1,2-propanediol/Studying serum and urine of renal interstitial fibrosis

  • March 2016, Issue 9

    Quantification of a peptide standard using intrinsic fluorescence/In situ monitoring, separation, and characterization of gold nanorods/Quantification of Legionella pneumophila in surface water/Printing metal-inks for LA-ICP-MS bioimaging standardization

  • March 2016, Issue 8

    EtG concentrations in hair: a controlled alcohol-dosing study/Analysis of cocaine and hydroxycocaine metabolites in hair/Spherical silver nanoparticles in collagen detection/Detection of low-quantity anticancer drugs by SERS

  • March 2016, Issue 7

    Analytical Applications of Biomimetic Recognition Elements (pp. 1725-1861)

  • February 2016, Issue 6

    Measurement of natural carbon isotopic composition of acetone/Facile and dynamic assays for detecting peptide aggregation/Determination of parabens in biological fl uids and water/Real-time monitoring of the metabolic capacity of rat olfactory mucosa

  • February 2016, Issue 5

    Fiber-based Platforms for Bioanalytics (pp. 1281-1390)

  • February 2016, Issue 4

    Multi-instrument characterization of nanodiamond samples/Identifi cation of organic Se species in environmental samples/Miniaturized extraction techniques for PAHs/Naked-eye sensitive ELISA-like assays

  • January 2016, Issue 3

    Challenging the “publish or perish” premise/Rapid quantitative assessment of biofilms/Fluorescence-suppressed time-resolved Raman spectroscopy/Biased cyclical electrical field-flow fractionation

  • January 2016, Issue 2

    Applications of Isotopes in Analytical Ecogeochemistry (pp. 341-440)

  • January 2016, Issue 1

    Quo vadis, analytical chemistry?/E-Health – a topic for analytical chemists?/Precision mixology challenge/Advances in explosives analysis

  • December 2015, Issue 30

    Thanks to reviewers/Multi-residue fluorescent microspheres immunochromatographic assays/CE separation of fused β-hairpin-PKC-substrate peptides/Retention modelling in hydrophilic interaction chromatography

  • November 2015, Issue 29

    Modern analytics for glatiramer acetate/Analyzing the influence of PEG molecular weight on separation/Prototyping microfluidic chips for dead-volume-free MS coupling/Changes induced in rice metabolome by Cd and Cu exposure

  • November 2015, Issue 28

    Introduction of regulations for arsenic in feed and food/Selective quantification of neurotoxins by HILIC-DMS-MS/MS/Orthogonal analysis of functional gold nanoparticles/Eco-friendly lab-on-paper for heavy metal detection

  • November 2015, Issue 27

    Nanospectroscopy (pp. 8175-8261)/Raman4Clinics (pp. 8263-8379)

  • October 2015, Issue 26

    Combining Raman spectroscopy and MALDI-MSI/Colorectal cancer progression monitoring/Fuzzy chromatography mass spectrometric fingerprinting/Bisphenol A and plastic additives released by tableware

  • October 2015, Issue 25

    Fluorescent nanodiamonds for imaging purposes/Progress in analytical laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy/Stable isotope dilution assays in mycotoxin analysis/Development of reference measurement methods for hemoglobin A1C

  • September 2015, Issue 24

    The future of Titanium as electrode material/Immunoassays to detect triclosan metabolites/Spatially resolved investigations of pesticides in plant material/SERS analysis of serum for breast cancer detection

  • September 2015, Issue 23

    Capillary Electrophoresis of Biomolecules (pp. 6909-7012)

  • September 2015, Issue 22

    ABC Best Paper Award/ABC Spotlight on emerging microRNA analysis methods/Recent advances in quantitative LA-ICP-MS analysis/ECL DNA sensor array for detecting biowarfare agents

  • August 2015, Issue 21

    High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Food and Environmental Analysis (pp. 6235-6428)

  • August 2015, Issue 20

    Aerosols and Health (pp. 5863-5987)

  • July 2015, Issue 19

    Automatic in-syringe dispersive liquid—liquid microextraction/ECL-DNA sensors based on Zn-mediated grafting of diazonium salts/Tracing thyroid hormone-disrupting compounds for effect-directed analysis/Exploring optical fibres as carriers for matrix-free reference materials

  • July 2015, Issue 18

    FRET-based homogeneous immunoassays/Dual element (15N/14N, 13C/12C) isotope analysis/Matrix reference materials for cyanobacterial toxins/LA-ICP-MS as a quantitative imaging technique for nanoparticles

  • July 2015, Issue 17

    Critical Reviews/Lipidomics (pp. 4971-5239)

  • June 2015, Issue 16

    Expanding the team of ABC Editors/Studying human decomposition signatures/SIMS detection of organic nanoparticles in cells/Spatial chemo-profiling of hypericin and related phytochemicals

  • June 2015, Issue 15

    Advances in LC-MS/MS Analysis (pp. 4227-4297)/Field- and Flow-based Separations (pp. 4299-4338)/Hormone and Veterinary Drug Residue Analysis (pp. 4339-4507)

  • May 2015, Issue 14

    Direct Optical Detection (pp. 3881-4034)

  • May 2015, Issue 13

    Microfluidic bisphenol A extraction using ionic liquids/Detection of egg allergens in wines by SPR biosensors/PEG-functionalized colloidal gold nanoparticles/Investigating Cr(VI)/food interactions by SEC-ICP-MS

  • May 2015, Issue 12

    ABC Spotlight on effect-directed analysis – dose instead of concentration/Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy used for prostate cancer detection/Vibrational algorithms for quantitative crystallographic analysis of biomaterials/Quantitative assessment of lipid unsaturation by Raman microscopy

  • April 2015, Issue 11

    Reference Materials for Chemical Analysis

  • April 2015, Issue 10

    Comments on mass spectrometry based proteomics/Field-flow fractionation coupled to ICP-MS/Nanometer-sized materials for solid-phase extraction/Biosensing techniques for trace carcinogen detection

  • March 2015, Issue 9

    Spectrochemical Plasmas for Clinical and Biochemical Analysis (pp. 2343-2437)

  • March 2015, Issue 8

    Mass Spectrometry Imaging

  • March 2015, Issue 7

    Solubility product challenge/The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014/Sensitive cancer antigen detection by LIBS/Molybdenum isotope compositions in environmental samples

  • February 2015, Issue 6

    Combining capillary electrophoresis and next-generation sequencing/Cation loss during purification of nucleotide analogues/SR micro-XRF for elemental bio-imaging/Analysis of plasticizers in medical devices

  • February 2015, Issue 5

    Probing biomarkers in saliva by SPRi-MS/Minimizing fluorescence background in Raman optical activity/Determination of artificial sweeteners in beverages/Using MOOCs for teaching analytical chemistry

  • February 2015, Issue 4

    A different way of looking at vibrational hyperspectral data/Micellar extraction for the analysis of Alzheimer’s disease brain proteome/Quantification of polyolefin microplastics in personal-care products/Removal of Triton X-100 by microdialysis

  • January 2015, Issue 3

    13th Anniversary Issue

  • January 2015, Issue 2

    Aptamer-functionalized MoS<Subscript>2</Subscript> nanosheet fluorescent biosensors/Cross calibration between XRF and ICP-MS or high spatial resolution analysis/Microchips to study temperature-controlled continuous micro flow reactions/Applying SWATH for systematic toxicological analysis

  • January 2015, Issue 1

    Multidimensional Chromatography (pp. 117-366)

  • December 2014, Issue 30

    Thanks to reviewers/Direct extraction of genomic DNA from maize/Studies of pseudo-explosive canine training aids/Nano-bio interfaces mapped by oxidative footprinting

  • November 2014, Issue 29

    Emerging Concepts and Strategies in Analytical Glow Discharges (pp. 7417-7538)

  • November 2014, Issue 28

    Target, suspect and nontarget screening of lake sediments/Evaluation of automated quantitative NMR processing programs/Same-single cell analysis by microfluidic biochips/Non-aqueous isotachophoresis of weak bases

  • November 2014, Issue 27

    Advanced Food Analysis (pp. 6765-6881)/Graphene in Analytics (pp. 6883-6956)/Single Cell Analysis (pp. 6957-7046)

  • October 2014, Issue 26

    Nucleic Acid Quantification (pp. 6469-6537)/Analysis of Biological Therapeutic Agents and Biosimilars (pp. 6539-6598)

  • October 2014, Issue 25

    Trends and Critical Reviews/ABC Spotlight on carbon nanotubes (CNT)/Size-exclusion chromatography/Ambient desorption/ionization mass spectrometry

  • September 2014, Issue 24

    Monolithic capillary columns for separating small molecules/Paper-based lateral flow assays for detecting morphine/Classification of bacteria using color histograms/Glycosaminoglycan profiling in different cell types

  • September 2014, Issue 23

    Analytical Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence (pp. 5529-5747)

  • September 2014, Issue 22

    Active learning materials for molecular and atomic spectroscopy/Detecting amino acids in Antarctic lakes/Nanoparticle-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for breast cancer detection/Carbon nanotube wiring for electrochemical magneto immunosensors

  • August 2014, Issue 21

    Analysis of Chemicals Relevant to the Chemical Weapons Convention

  • August 2014, Issue 20

    Fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy/Immunoassays based on quenching of quantum dots/Toxicokinetics of polar analytes in zebrafish embryos/Targeted drug release triggered by immune-specific signals

  • July 2014, Issue 19

    Raman microspectroscopic chemical mapping of gunshot residues/Mass imaging of ketamine in a single scalp hair/Capillary electrophoresis for total glycosaminoglycan analysis/Quantifying silica in filter-deposited mine dusts

  • July 2014, Issue 18

    Multi-collector – inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometry/Bisphenol A detection by isotope dilution mass spectrometry/Infrared microspectroscopic identification methods for quality control of herbs/Continuous vs. segmented second-dimension system gradients for LC X LC-MS

  • July 2014, Issue 17

    Teaching analytical chemistry in China/Capillary electrophoresis for early cancer diagnosis/Detection of small molecule-protein interaction/Organic residues in environmental matrices

  • June 2014, Issue 16

    Characterisation of Nanomaterials in Biological Samples (pp. 3831-3927)/Chemosensors and Chemoreception (pp. 3929-4004)

  • June 2014, Issue 15

    Forensic Toxicology (pp. 3551-3636)/Euroanalysis XVII (pp. 3637-3722)

  • May 2014, Issue 14

    Multiplex Platforms in Diagnostics and Bioanalytics (pp. 3261-3344)

  • May 2014, Issue 13

    Raman spectroscopic identification of single bacterial cells/Molecular beacons for sensitive nucleic acids analysis/Optimization of polar organic chemical integrative samplers/Contaminants in e-liquids for electronic cigarettes

  • May 2014, Issue 12

    Paper-based microfluidic devices for monitoring heavy metals/X-ray contrast media and artificial sweeteners in water/Electrochemical genosensors for detecting coeliac disease/X-ray microfluorescence imaging of cell wall mutants

  • April 2014, Issue 11

    Tracing the uptake of nanoscale titanium dioxide/Simultaneous speciation of selenoproteins and selenometabolites/Assessing allergens by protein- and DNA-based approaches/Fast and biocompatible living virus labeling methods

  • April 2014, Issue 9-10

    Trends and Critical Reviews/Bioimaging of trace elements in human lenses/FTIR spectroscopy for analyzing tears/Bisphenol A determination by fiber-optic sensors

  • March 2014, Issue 8

    Microextraction Techniques

  • March 2014, Issue 7

    Analytical Challenges/Nobel Prize Feature/Discovering potential food exposure markers/Trapping of single breast cancer cells

  • February 2014, Issue 6

    Field-Flow Fractionation (pp. 1577-1681)

  • February 2014, Issue 5

    Biomedical Mass Spectrometry (pp. 1273-1396)

  • February 2014, Issue 4

    Analytical Science in France

  • January 2014, Issue 3

    Paper-based devices for blood typing/Quantification of waterborne RNA viruses/Allergens and preservatives in personal care products/X-ray differential phase-contrast computed tomography

  • January 2014, Issue 2

    Challenges and New Directions in Analytical Sample Preparation (pp. 375-445)

  • January 2014, Issue 1

    A critical review on DART-MS/Characterization of carbon aerosol particles/Nanomaterials in sample preparation for protein analysis/Biomarkers for autoimmune and carcinogenic diseases

  • December 2013, Issue 30

    Anti-doping Analysis (pp. 9615-9727)

  • November 2013, Issue 29

    Proteome investigation of a non-model plant/Simultaneous quantification of synthetic cathinones/Portable NIR imaging device to monitor dissolution processes/Single-laboratory validation of a multiplex flow cytometric immunoassay

  • November 2013, Issue 28

    Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules (pp. 8957-9069)

  • November 2013, Issue 27

    Morpho-Spectral Imaging (pp. 8699-8737)

  • October 2013, Issue 26

    Carbon nanotubes for solventless in-tube microextraction/Chemical composition separation of ethylene–propylene copolymers/Mass calibration for direct analysis in real-time mass spectrometry/Quantitative Ca2+ imaging in living cells

  • October 2013, Issue 25

    Amino Acid Analysis (pp. 7905-8141)

  • September 2013, Issue 24

    (Bio)Analytical Research in Latin America (pp. 7561-7716)/Rapid Detection in Food and Feed (pp. 7717-7895)

  • September 2013, Issue 23

    Flame retardants and elements of concern/Glycan analysis: scope and limitations/Enhanced extraction efficiency of miRNA from cells/ABC Best Paper Award

  • September 2013, Issue 22

    Photo Ionisation in Mass Spectrometry (pp. 6901-7116)/Applied Surface Analysis (pp. 7117-7167)

  • August 2013, Issue 21

    X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy/Hyphenation of electrochemical conversion and NMR spectroscopy/Detection of tobacco-related biomarkers/Fast screening of stabilizers in polymeric materials

  • August 2013, Issue 20

    Phoxonic crystals as sensor platforms/On-site airborne pheromone sensing/Label-free detection of anti-Salmonella antibodies/Glucosamine monolayers as biomimetic receptors

  • July 2013, Issue 19

    Optical Nanosensing in Cells (pp. 6143-6233)

  • July 2013, Issue 18

    Liquid Chromatography – Tandem Mass Spectrometry (pp. 5857-5964)

  • July 2013, Issue 17

    Trends and Critical Reviews/Mass spectrometry for the characterization of nanoparticles/Optical tweezers for medical diagnostics/Metrology for metalloproteins

  • June 2013, Issue 16

    Welcome to our new editor/Polymeric drug delivery systems/Micro-free-flow electrophoresis chips/Bioaerosol analysis

  • June 2013, Issue 15

    Metabolomics and Metabolite Profiling (pp. 5003-5169)

  • May 2013, Issue 14

    Repeat MALDI MS imaging of single tissue sections/Dielectric barrier discharge ionization mass spectrometry/Application of graphene for the analysis of pharmaceuticals/“Do it yourself” reference materials for δ 13C determinations

  • May 2013, Issue 13

    Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements (pp. 4323-4588)/Nutraceuticals and Separations (pp. 4589-4663)

  • May 2013, Issue 12

    Forensic Toxicology (pp. 3919-3963)

  • April 2013, Issue 11

    Amperometric Sensing (pp. 3427-3617)/Bioelectroanalysis (pp. 3619-3911)

  • April 2013, Issue 10

    Trends and Critical Reviews/Two-dimensional planar separations/Elemental imaging of soft tissue sections/Point-of-care breath analysis

  • March 2013, Issue 9

    Isotope Ratio Measurements: New Developments and Applications

  • March 2013, Issue 8

    Microfluidic device for open loop stripping/Offline and online capillary electrophoresis enzyme assays/Epigenotoxicity of environmental pollutants/Screening interaction between ochratoxin A and aptamers

  • March 2013, Issue 7

    Monolithic Columns in Liquid Phase Separations (pp. 2093-2271)

  • February 2013, Issue 6

    Metallomics (pp. 1789-1927)

  • February 2013, Issue 5

    Characterization of Thin Films and Membranes (pp. 1433-1568)

  • February 2013, Issue 4

    MALDI imaging in human skin tissue sections/Effect-based proteomic detection of growth promoter abuse/Gold nanorod separation and characterization/ABCs of Education and Professional Development in Analytical Science

  • January 2013, Issue 2-3

    Analytical Science in Italy (pp. 441- 1143)

  • January 2013, Issue 1

    News from ABC: Editorial board and features/Trends and Critical Reviews/ABCs of Education and Professional Development in Analytical Science/Defining a molecular portrait of physical fitness

  • April 2012, Issue 10

    Biomimetic Recognition Elements for Sensing Applications (pp. 3019-3254)/Elemental Imaging and Speciation in Plant Science (pp. 3255-3372)

  • March 2012, Issue 9
  • March 2012, Issue 8

    Analytical Science in Switzerland (pp. 2479-2596)/ANAKON (pp. 2597-2674)

  • March 2012, Issue 7

    Analytical and Bioanalytical Science in Poland/Mass Spectrometry in Spain (pp. 2275-2378)

  • February 2012, Issue 6

    Mononuclear leukocytes from Alzheimer disease patients/Proteins absorbed to microdialysis membranes/Comprehensive two-dimensional GC in metabolomics/Characterization of protein-pigment interactions

  • February 2012, Issue 5

    Surface Architectures for Analytical Purposes (pp. 1737-1856)

  • February 2012, Issue 4

    Analytical Techniques in Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science (pp. 1411-1592)

  • January 2012, Issue 3

    Gold nanoparticle fluorescent molecular beacons/Fused silica glass nanofluidic chips/Growth hormone secretagogues/Analysis of total cocaine residues in wastewater

  • January 2012, Issue 2

    Trends and Critical Reviews 2012/Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials/Functional Proteomics/New Editorial Board Members from China

  • January 2012, Issue 1

    10th Anniversary Issue