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Advances of Geophysical and Geological Prospection for Natural Resources in Egypt and the Middle East

Abdelaziz L. Abdeldayem, Zakaria Hamimi, Robert E. Garrison, John M. Sharp, Hilde L. Schwartz and Ahmed M. El-Shishtawy

13 Articles

Arabian Plate: Lithosphere Dynamics, Sedimentary Basins and Geohazards

Sami Khomsi, Mansour Al Garni and François Roure

9 Articles

Climate Change and Water Resources in the Arab World

Azaiez Ouled Belgacem, Mounir Louhaichi, Mirza B. Baig

1 Article

Current Advances in Geological Research of Egypt

Zakaria Hamimi, Abdelbaset Abudeif, Thomas James Fowler, Tapas Kumar Biswal

42 Articles

Current Advances in Geology of North Africa

B. Zoheir, A. Bendaoud, M. Hamoudi, S. Djemai and Z. Hamimi

50 Articles


Domenico M. Doronzo; Ali Al-Dousari; Arnau Folch; Pavla Dagsson-Waldhauserova

24 Articles

Environment and Low Carbon Transportation

Sheldon Williamson

126 Articles

Geo-Resources-Earth-Environmental Sciences

İskender Akkurt and Mohamed El Tokhi

99 Articles

Geological Modeling and Geospatial Data Analysis

Keda Cai, Wangxi Peng

165 Articles

Geology of North Africa and Mediterranean regions

Sami Khomsi, Mouard Bédir, François Roure and Dominique Frizon de Lamotte

27 Articles

Georesources & Environmental Management

M. Sassi, A. Kallel, S. Bouaziz, L. Bouchaou, J.-P. Deroin, M. Temimi

14 Articles

Geotechnical Engineering for Urban and Major Infrastructure Development

Hany Farouk Shehata (AJGS Guest Editor), Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)

8 Articles

Implications of Biochar Application to Soil Environment under Arid Conditions

Mohammad Alwabel, Adel Usman, Abdelazeem Sallam

55 Articles

Mine Safety Science and Engineering

Shifeng Dai, Qiang Sun

16 Articles

New Advances and Research Results on the Geology of Africa

Zakaria Hamimi, Nageh A. Obaidalla, Lopo Vasconcelos, Taufeeq Dhansay, Ali Ahmed Mohamed Eisawi, Milan Tchouatcha

50 Articles

Recent advanced techniques in water resources management

Venkatramanan Senapathi, Selvam Sekar, Chidamdaram Sabarathinam

39 Articles

Seismic Hazard and Risk in Africa

Mustapha Meghraoui

9 Articles

Seismic and Earthquake Engineering Studies in the Arabian Plate and the Surrounding Region

Issa El-Hussain, Ahmed Deif, Rengin Gok, Keith Nakanishi

9 Articles

Smart agriculture and geo-informatics

Hoshang Kolivand

23 Articles

Water Resource Management for Sustainable Development

Ali Sdiri, José Luís Silva Pinho and Chavalit Ratanatamskul

13 Articles

Water Resources in Arid Areas

Mingjie Chen and Osman Abdalla

24 Articles

Water resources and water management for environmental integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Maurizio Barbieri (AJGS Editor), Sapienza University of Rome, Italy; Lassâad Dassi (AJGS Editor), University of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia; Abdelaziz Negm (Guest Editor), Zagazig University, Egypt

9 Articles