Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali

ISSN: 2037-4631 (Print) 1720-0776 (Online)

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  • September 2019, Issue 3

    Man is the measure of all things by M. Masali, I.L. Schlacht, M. Micheletti Cremasco and Topical Collection: Solar driven Chemistry by V. Balzani, F. Pacchioni, M. Prato A. Zecchina

  • June 2019, Issue 2

    A multipurpose X-ray fluorescence scanner developed for in-situ analysis by F. Taccetti et al.and Editorial: Lincei Prizewinners by V. Aquilanti, A. Mottana

  • March 2019, Issue 1

    Classical and quantum plasmas: matter under extreme conditions by V. Aquilanti, M. Capitelli, F. Pegoraro and Foreseeing Groundwater Resources by G. Orombelli

  • December 2018, Issue 4

    Rita Levi-Montalcini and her major Contribution to Neurobiology by P. Strata and Marine Litter: from Environmental Emergency to Potential Resource by editors L. Pietrelli, S. Pignatti, M. C. Fossi

  • September 2018, Issue 3

    Raphael's workshop at Villa Farnesina in Rome by C. Seccaroni et al. and Changes and Crises in the Mediterranean Sea by Section Editors, F. Boero, R. Danovaro, G. Orombelli

  • June 2018, Issue 2

    Thematic Sections: Vegetation Science and Habitats Directive (F. Attorre, S. Pignatti, F. Spada), Current Topics in Biology (F. Palmieri)

  • June 2018, Issue 1 Supplement

    Satellite Positioning for Geosciences

  • March 2018, Issue 1

    Special Section: The Quantum World of Molecules: from Orbitals to Spin Networks