Psychological Injury and Law

ISSN: 1938-971X (Print) 1938-9728 (Online)

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  • June 2019, Issue 2

    Improving the Validity of the Neuropsychological Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury: Legal, Psychometric and Methodological Considerations

  • March 2019, Issue 1

    Forensic Thinking in Disability Assessment

  • December 2010, Issue 4

    The DSM-5 Draft: Implications for Psychological Injury and Law

  • September 2010, Issue 3

    Special Issue on Traumatically Induced Pain; Guest Editors: Michael E. Schatman and Robert J. Gatchel

  • June 2010, Issue 2

    Special Issue on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; Guest Editors: B. Christopher Frueh and Simon Wessely

  • March 2010, Issue 1

    Special Issue on Traumatic Brain Injury; Guest Editors: Ronald Ruff and Paul M. Richards