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  • September 2010, Issue 3

    "New Trends in Nanotribology" ICTP-FANAS Workshop, Miramare, Trieste, Italy; 19 - 24 October 2009. Guest Editors: O. Gulseren, N. Manini, E. Meyer, E. Tosatti, M. Urbakh, and A. Vanossi

  • August 2010, Issue 2
  • July 2010, Issue 1

    428th Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar “Physics of Tribology - Understanding Friction and Wear in Technical Systems"; Guest Editors: Martin Dienwiebel, Matthias Scherge and Peter Gumbsch

  • June 2009, Issue 3
  • May 2009, Issue 2
  • April 2009, Issue 1

    Special Sections: Selected papers from the Surface Chemical Aspects of Tribology Symposium at the American Chemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 2008. Guest Editors: Andrew Gellman and Gustavo Luengo; and Selected papers from the Symposium in honor of Professor Ken Ludema at the STLE Annual Meeting, Cleveland, OH 2008. Guest Editor: Layo Ajayi